Is This Goodbye

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Chelsey - August 21

I haven't been here in a couple of days...haven't felt like reading insults or being insulted for that matter, by certain individuals. I know that there are others who feel the same as I do, and they have also kept away. This really bothers me! This used to be a fun informative site, with nice friendly people. It was a daily high coming here and chatting with others! Now, anytime anyone says something, they get har a s s ed, or insulted and even censored! Where are all my favorite ladies and men? Nobody wants to post anymore, for fear of being attacked! Dare I say that we have all moved on? Decided to be the bigger person, and end this constant verbal assault? Is this the end of our fun, as we know it? I wish the tormentor(s) would cease to exist. I'd hate for everyone to have to say goodbye, just to escape ridicule. This site just isn't the same anymore....


God I hope so! - August 21

This website sucks. All the kiss a s s freaks and Mad Lib swear words. I'm outta here!


kEEKEE - August 21

Yes, this is getting out of hand. The personal mean statements are overboard. I can't believe people was other people's honesty to hurt them. I actually feel sorry for these pathetic stalkers. It must be lonely to be a h o r rible mean person.... Chelsey, I hope everyone come back soon. E, ignore them. We all know you are a good person. Don't let these stalkers run you away....I have no plans of leaving. I happen to enjoy talking to all the wonderful ladies on this site.......To "I hope so"...Good, let the door hit you when you leave. One less a s s hole to deal with.........Chelsey have a great evening. I had enough of this. Hopefully tomorrow everything will calm down.......bye Sweetie!!!


Lissi - August 22

Doesn't seem to have improved so far. :( I will be on here a lot less from now on. I will check in from time to time though, because I would like to know how people are getting on. It's a shame. I'd say that 98% of the people that talk on here (I'm including people who aren't regulars or are new to the site!) are really nice guys, and it's been really great talking to them, having a laugh, letting off steam and getting advice. I would have been rushing to the doctors a lot more than I have with my irrational preggo fears, if I hadn't received rea__surance from people on this forum that they've been through exactly the same things. Plus, since I've been heavily pregnant, I haven't felt like going out as much, so this site has been a life-saver and saved me from extreme boredom! They must have new moderators or maybe none at all at the moment, because they used to get rid of the psychos pretty quickly. Ah well! It's a shame it has to end like this, so close to the birth of my baby, but it gets me down to see all this childish b i t c h i n g going on all day, everyday. Hopefully things will go back to normal when the moderators come back from their summer break or something. Anyway, it's been nice talking to you Chelsey, Kee Kee and the other 98% or "normal" people who post here. Later!


leslie - August 22

Girls like you have all said, it has been a great site!" very helpfull and fun and entertaining when we have been so bored! (ok, at least me:) So don't let the few and I am sure its only "few" ones out there ruin it for us...lets show them we can still have a good supportive forum and lets ignore them..that is the worst we can do to them.. IGNORE THEM! They will get tired sooner or later... maybe it was someone not getting enough v____a/pennis lol!! If that is the case hopefully they got it and next time they won't come and take out their anger here. :)


teigan - August 23

i agree but what you have to remember is not everyone is easy to talk to, we all have different opinions, not everyone can be nice about your situations and not everyone can agree, you should carry on chatting with your friends and just ignore the peole who pee you off, they will soon get bored if you dont react to there selfish words xxxxxx


Frank - August 23

LOL at leslie!! I got some p___s last night and I am in a great mood b/c of it:)



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