Is This Happening To Anyone Else

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Drew - January 2

Every couple days when I'm looking at this forum, I get pop up ads for....get this.....pregnant p___n!!! OMG!! At first I was going to take hubby's head off cause we sometimes get pop-up's related to something we've used a search for on the puter, but the more I think about it the more I don't think it's anything to do with him. I mean, I'm preggo and he can see me whenever he wants, and he's not really a p___n guy. Just wondering if anyone else is getting's kinda disturbing!


sarah513 - January 2

no i havent gotten any popups like that


natasha - January 2

nope,none like that,but for some reasons i get emails from a place saying"for s_x feens"which is weird.i never even look at the freakin emails i just delete them.but i get popups for free gas or confirm your 500.00 gift card from walmart.just c___p like that.


CEM - January 3

No, never. I never get any pop-ups at all. Not sure why this is happening to you.


Tess - January 3

No, I haven't got any pop ups like that too.


lizardgrl - January 7

but it does exist...couldn't believe it myself...i asked my dh about it and he said yep its out there...crazyness :)


Been There - January 7

Not saying that he did it, but normally you only get those pop ups if you've been to that type of site. It can be an accident because sometimes the hit turns out to be something you didn't expect. If hubby knows you'll take his head off, would he really admit it. Check the cookies. Lots of women's husbands can see them whenever they want, it doesn't mean they don't like p___n. But hubby watching p___n is nothing to be concerned about either. It doesn't mean you're any less attractive to him. Sometimes they get some good ideas. Try your pop up blocker, maybe that will stop the problem.


Drew - January 7

Actually, the first thing I did was check the cookies and all the temporary internet files and nothing. I'm really not worried about dh either, he's never been into that kind of thing. My pop-up blocker is set to high, but still some pop-up's will get through. It's weird!


kr - January 7

I've accidently gotten to p___n myself. We have a diaper service in our area called 'diaper divas'. I googled it and clicked on the first one without thinking. The same thing happened when I searched for "pregnancy forum" and miss-typed "forum". It was me looking at p___nand not my DH! If you trust him then I'd say you know best. It never hurts though to talk about how you would be sensative to it if something like that happened.


Drew - January 7

You know kr, now that I think of it there is a pretty good chance that it's something we've googled. I actually showed dh the pop-up and he thought it's quite weird too. I've also noticed it's only when I come into the General Pregnancy part of this forum, and not the Second or Third Trimester areas's I visit too. I was just curious if anyone else was getting these. Like I said, it's kinda weird!! :)


Tye - January 7

I have that pop up blocker- it comes on everytime I use this sight so if I didn't have that tool I'm sure I would see all kinds of c___p!


Mandi_Lin - January 9

I found out my husband was looking at p___n one night, and when I came to this site that type of p___n came up. I had to go to Spyware and delete ads. Because it doesn't mater what type of p___n he may of looked at all types pop up at different times. So even if he looked at it last month if you didn't delete the ad file on your computer it can pop up.


Drew - January 9

Thanks everyone! Mandi, I figured out what happened, it was something we'd googled that I guess somehow related to p___n. Get this it was "s_x of baby" (trying to look at example ultrasounds to compare ours too) like an idiot I had a brain fart at the time and couldn't think of the word I was looking for instead of s_x....gender! Anyway, I'll try the spyware thing you were talking about, thanks so much for the idea! I find those pic's seriously disturbing! lol


kr - January 12

Yah Drew, I am so glad this had a happy ending. So many women have trouble with their husband's during pregnancy. Congratulations on the baby and the husband!



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