Is This Name Too Much Of A Mouthful

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Ba8y6irl - January 20

My dh and I are due to have a baby girl on May 23rd and we are at arms over names... He is stubborn and picked one name from the baby book and said thats all he likes in the whole book. Then he tells me that I can name her whatever I want, but I don't want to name her something that he doesn't like. So... the name that he picked is Jadalyn and I like it, but to me it sounds like a difficult name to say. What do you lovely ladies think? and what would be a good middle name?


m - January 20

I think it's pretty! And I think it would be cute to call her Jada for short.... like Jada Pinkett-Smith. I've always liked that name. Jadalyn Grace sounds pretty. Or Jadalyn Kate. I always think about what names go best with my last name.


ChaycesMom - January 20

Just an option...What about Jadalyn Rose?


krc - January 20

how about Jaylin? Much smoother !


Ba8y6irl - January 20

Rose! thats what I was thinking... :) its funny that you sadi that! lol


Ba8y6irl - January 20

krc - it kinda ends up sounding the same though when you say it fast... but I like your suggestion :)


B - January 20

I think Jadlyn or Jadlynn would be beautiful. Then for short she'd be Jade which is also very beautiful. The extra "a" makes it a mouthful, and you may have people pronouncing the a's as short a's not long a's, but that's just my opinion.


Ba8y6irl - January 20

Jadelynn was our other option so I was thinking that too :)


Gem - January 20

It is a bit hard to say but I do like it. What about Jayla or Jade and you could have Lyn as a middle name.


Lin - January 20

I think Jadalyn sounds pretty. You can call her Jade for short.


Ba8y6irl - January 20

Our friends daughters name is Jade, although we dont really ever see them, I still wouldn't want to copy him. Although he did steal the name from us originally like 4 years ago!


Monique - January 23

It IS difficult to say. Why don't you name her first name Jada and her middle name Lynn?


Been There - January 23

It's not difficult to say. People are just lazy and look for the quick way out. I have a name that may seem difficult, but is pretty easy to say. It's just that people are too lazy to take the time to pronounce things properly. If you like the name, you use it. One more syllable is not going to hurt anyone.


Ba8y6irl - January 23

k thanks! I think we are looking more towards Jadelyn although I like the "a" my hubby prefers the "e" in the middle and I am caving :)


Olivene - January 23

I like Jadalyn and I don't think it is hard to say. But you should definitle pick something you love for the middle name!


Jlynn - January 24

Why don't you just name her Jada Lynn and whatever your last name is. That way you can call her by her first and middle name all at once and its not such a big mouth full. I think its pretty either way though. Good Luck!!!


KAY - January 24

I like the name Jadalyn (Jadelyn however you decide). What about Jadalyn Rae? I think with so many syllables, a middle name that only has one syllable would probably flow easier.



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