Is This Offensive Or Is It Just Me

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sugarbunnie - September 23

i recently had my baby shower and my boyfriends aunt (who does not care to much for me) got me nothing but premature baby clothes i think it is rude! am i over reacting?


reaction - September 23

an accident/mistake (premature baby clothes)


Tiffany - September 23

Umm...It could have been an accident.


N - September 23

are we talking like one outfit or five? If it's just one, i wouldn't worry about it, she might have just though it would be nice to bring the baby home in.. kind of a just in case (sometimes newborn clothes don't even fit babies that are 7lbs). I she bought you lots, well i would start to wonder too..


Lena - September 23

Over reacting. Most babies, even at 10 lbs and 21 inches, don't fit into "newborn" clothes at birth, but the premature outfits fit just fine. I think her intentions were thoughtful because many new mothers/grandmothers are running to the store immediately after the birth for smaller clothes. My mom's good friend only buys premature clothes as shower presents for this very reason and the new mothers always call to thank for her foresight.


c - September 24

As the other laidies said nowborns never fit in newborns clothes.I would take it with a grain of salt but if it bugs you that much thank her and tell her most people don't relize that newborn don't fit into newborn cloths.If it was meant to be a insult it will make her mad.If she was truely being thoughful well it shows your trying to be nice to her.


c - September 24

Whatever you do just get it out of your system.You have a baby to worry about you can't stress about things like that.


Lisa*9 - September 24

If you are having a girl you can always save the clothes for a baby doll, or return the clothes for something bigger. I am sure she paid more money for preemie clothes ,don't they cost more here they do in Canada. Those are my options for you. Take care.


sugarbunnie - September 24

no this was no accident i found out yyesterday she expects my baby to be unhealthy so now i am a little more upset


Miranda - September 24

Why does she think that the baby will be unhealthy??


been there - September 24

Nobody know this woman but you.I'v known people like her.I wounldn't give her the satisfaction in upsetting you.I would do a couple of the above post recomended.She gave you them to insult you turn it around and make it look like a good thing.The baby doll clothes would really rub it in.You could calmy put it in a box send it back with a simple "no thankyou"note.The more reaction you give her the longer she will make your life hell.The nicer you are to her the madder she will get and most likly give up faster.Stay healthy and don't worry about what you can not control or you may have some problems.


been ther - September 24

I mean health wise


Hi Lena - September 24

My 10lb 22" baby could not fit into newborn sizes. Yours did? I had to go shopping for 3-6 month clothes.


to all - September 24

My daughter was 8lbs, 7 oz, and I was wishing for some premie clothes when I finally got her into her newborn onesies and gowns... they drowned her!!! I say keep 'em, and send a very nice thank you note. When your child is born, make sure you dress him/her in one of the outfits, and send a pic... Oh yeah, that'll get her!!! :)


kEEKEE - September 24

I was always told to accept a gift and smile no manner what it is. Even if she did it to be mean take the baby clothes and say thank you. I would even send her a thank you card and show her you are bigger person than she is. She will think twice before doing something hurtful again. I would use the preemie outfits to decorate the nursery and show her what you did. Let her know with your actions not words you can take what ever she dish out. Some people love to hurt and upset people just for their personal amus____nt. She will soon get bored when she notice her actions don't hurt you. Remember misery loves company and your aunt will regret her decisions later own. Never let some immature person upset you. You have a beautiful baby on the way that is all you need to worry about. Take care Sugar bunnie


kEEKEE - September 24

To Hi Lena, Same here!!!! I had a 10 pound baby boy 10 years ago and he never fit into newborn sized clothing. When I got pregnant with my 16 month old I bought 3-9 months clothes b/c the doctor said another big baby. My little guy came at 32 weeks and the preemie clothes fit fine for my 5 pounder. You never know


Amy P - September 24

i had a 10lb baby boy 2.5 yrs ago and they had to go over to peds and get him size 1 diapers cause the nb would not fit!!!!



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