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tas - June 26

i am almost 11 weeks and i am wondering if it is safe to swim in rivers, lakes, and anybody of water besides a pool. thank you. it has been really hot where i am from.


Tanna - June 26

I wouldn't even if I weren't pg. : ) Why not just go to a pool? Ask Dr.


tas - June 26

want to have a pinic


Been There - June 26

I wouldn't take any chances either.


aggie03 - June 26

Why not???? what chances? Now I wouldnt go swiming in alagator infested or water I couldnt see a foot deep into but please...I floated the river last weekend and have a great 4th on the lake weekend planned. (public pools can be grosser and more "human contaminated" than most natural bodies of water Ive been in)


aggie03 - June 26

tas where are you from?


sfrias - June 26

Tas, There is not problem at all. Nothing is going to happen to you if the water is in good condition. If you are a good swimmer... there is not problem. Pregnant women swim in the sea... why not in rivers, lakes et al?


tas - June 26

vancouver washington


Deb - June 27

I don't see it being a problem. Your mucous plug and amniotic sac are in place to protect from anything getting in the womb. So, I can't see it being harmful. You can always ask your doctor if you are worried.


livdea - June 27

shoot, I swam in the ocean the first 3 months and then again in the sixth month and now that I'm away from the ocean I've been swimming in the Jefferson and Madison River ever since it got warm out! extra floaty! Enjoy!


Rhonda - June 27

I went swimming in a river before when i was pregnant,there is nothing wrong with it.


kimholl28 - June 27

Wow, I have always lived near water. Lakes and rivers. I am from Arkansas. Don't be silly of corse its ok.


Steph - June 27

I'm 38 weeks and dialated to almost a 4 and 85% effaced and my doc's office said no just because of the dialation and effacement. So, I'd a__sume that you'd be perfectly fine swimming in a lake or a river. I know what you mean about the heat...I'm in Spokane and it is 98 today! Try and stay cool!! :o)


Madeline - June 28

I would normally say of course, but about 2 years ago I heard a story on the news about a woman who swam in the St. John's River (Jax, FL) and she happened to have an open sc___pe or cute on her foot or something and died two days later from a flesh eating disease that was caused by pollution or something in the water. Just make sure it's safe water...



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