Is This Site A Cult

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AEB - June 30

Why do people start worshipping people on this site like they have more knowledge than others (grandpa viv, E, bbk)? I mean, it makes the rest of us feel left out when you only ask questions to certain people and it makes us put much more faith in people than we probably should. I mean, are any of these people qualified professionals??? And lastly, it is just plain creepy to see how co-dependent people can become.


To AEB - June 30

Some people are regulars on this site. They give good advice and support and never b___h about anyone else. I guess that's why we like to ask them and never you. It's freaky that people come on here just to insult people in order to make themselves feel better about there own insecurities.


h - June 30

No they just THINK they know everything


To h - June 30

Wow! You really have issues!


AEB - June 30

H does not have issues....who is anyone to say that??? I am just dumbfounded and how people idolize total strangers....And yet I am the insecure one. I mean, people seek rea__surance from complete strangers, so although I consider myself among them don't for a second exclude yourself. Why are you on this site in the first place. Just stating it how it is.


Karen - June 30

Well said!!! All people want is rea__surance....It is just getting way to "clicky" in here!


kEEKEE/keeks - June 30

Yeah, Some people are regulars here. So, you see their names more. I am also a regular, so sometimes you will see someone post a question to me. I always let the person know, "I'm no expert" but I try to be helpful and friendly. If you feel left out( some people can be rude) join a group. There is some nice people under "Pregnancy Test"& "Pregnancy Signs" and under this forum. Introduce yourself and Chat. Simple as that. Good Luck AEB!!!


AEB - June 30

Keekee, thanks so much for your help!!!!


To AEB - June 30

I don't think people idolise them. They just think they're nice people who will give them an honest reply without judging or making b___hy comments. You said it makes yoy feel left out. I'd call that insecurity.


... - June 30

I meant YOU not YOY.


kEEKEE - June 30

You're welcome...I got bored and check the site. I see there is a war going on. It happens.....Oh, about the clicks. I felt the same way when I first got here. Now, I have a great group of friends. I chat everywhere on this site. So, I guess I'm apart of a click....heehee...We call it our rubber room.......heehee.......You can run into some crazy people here.....Including me......heehee.....Normally I'm at pregnancy signs.....I'm here because something crazy always happen...Ok, I confess!!! I like the drama!!! I sit back now..Last time I was banned...heehee....So I'm being good...I promise(evil look)........Bye now!!!


Lynn - June 30

I couldnt help reading when I saw the catchy t_tle but from what I have read I had a laugh, the way I see it is if your questions and or concerns are getting answered then why fret over something that does not even involve you~


AEB - June 30

never denied I was insecure...but everyone needing rea__surance on this site it, which is why I phrased it "I mean, it makes the rest of US feel left out"


AEB - June 30

To lynn: excellent point....But honestly, I was a little bored with the same old bbk and E stuff. Usually I like the diverse topics but it tended to get a little repet_tive is all.


AEB - June 30

I'll tell you this, I am not bored now. But I really think all of you have dedicated too much time to this. You all I have excellent points and reading back my note is a little creepy too. So, please allow me to digress. Good night ladies. (and men, from what I gather about bbk.)


E - June 30

Also AEB - if you are sick of repet_tiveness, stop devoting posts to bashing me, when there are plenty around already!


AEB - June 30

E, you must be an excellent mother. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us and being so sweet in your note. Good night.



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