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Courtney - January 5

My best friend has never had an orgasim by intercourse, don't know why, but anyways... She said that by not having an orgasim and trying to conceive it won't work. I think she's wrong and would like to tell her so, so if anyone has any answers please tell.


y - January 5

i heard it doesnt matter if u have a orgasim or not as long as he comes in u but prec_m can also get u pregnant.


Jbear - January 5

A lot of women don't have orgasms during intercourse...I think I've had 5 or 6 during my entire marriage. I wasn't even awake when my first baby was conceived, so obviously I didn't have one, but I got pregnant. I hope when your friend is not trying to get pregnant, that she doesn't think she is protected by not having an orgasm.


KLC - January 5

Hmmmm.... maybe men think that is true too...explains alot doesn't it ladies?!!!!!


Tess - January 5

From what Ive doesnt matter if you do or you don't. But don't quote me on that. Hope that helps.


Rhonda - January 5

I dont beleive that is true.Orgasim dose not determine if you can conceive.If that was the case then why do women who are raped get pregnant?If some guy is forcing himself on you i doubt a woman is going to orgasim,some of these women get pregnant.Im sorry if i sound horrible,im just trying to say conception has nothing to do with getting off.At least thats my opinion.


me - January 5

Orgasms are not required to achieve pregnancy. It may help push the sperm up, but it is not necessary. They know where to go and usually reach their destination within 15 minutes. Good luck!


Drew - January 5

Orgasm's are obviously not necessary to get pregnant, as Rhonda pointed out plenty of women who have sadly been raped still conceive. does help when ttc, simply because an orgasm dips your cervix into the pool of sperm, and in a way draws them up higher. It is not necessary though for conception!


CMH - January 5

Ummm...If that was true then my son wouldn't be here lol I had absolutely no orgasms with his father.


izzy1052 - January 6

i dunno because i have an orgasm everytime i have s_x with my boyfriend.. oh its wonderful... lol.. but i really don't think it has anything to do with it..



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