Is Watching Movie Will Be A Prob During Pregnancy

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SS - November 11

I am just 5 weeks preg.I would like to go for a movie..Is it ok? or the loud noise will make any prob for my baby?


Josie - November 11

I don't think it should be.I don't see why it would.. But I'm not 100% positive about it.


E - November 11

A fetus cannot hear sounds until ~ 20 weeks gestation.


flo - November 11

it's perfectly fine they cant hear so early i go to the movies every weekend with my boyfriend if it harmed them so much it would say "no pregnant woman allowed" hehe :) enjoy ya self x


Christine - November 12

When I was pregnant with my 3rd I went out dancing all the time...didnt seem to do any harm at all...she's beautiful...and though at times she acts like she cant hear...she has very good


KM - November 12

Can loud noises harm the fetus once it has reached 20 wks?? I ask because I have gone to hockey games and when they get a goal and the horns go off the baby starts moving lol.or if I am in someones car and they have their music up way too loud..


E - November 12

KM- I really do not think so but I am not totally sure. I think a concert would not be the best idea but sudden loud noises are likely not going to harm the baby. They are tucked away deep inside, protected from noise. Ask your doc b/c this is something I know for sure. It is only my guess.


angel_one - November 13

SS - when i was about 39weeks pg, i was out (for cousins 21st b irthday) at the clubs, and the same night at the movies with my mil, apart from being uncomfortable at the movies (peeing every 10 mins and cant sit still for long times) every thing was fine, she came out about 5 days later perfectly fine!!


KM - November 13

I think I am just being overly nervous, but I will mention it to my doctor and post whatever she tells me ,because no one really seems to know


m - November 13

I'm not sure either, but I do know that even though they can hear noise on into the preg, it is supposedly very muffled. I, too, do not think any harm can be done by loud noise, especially from a movie theater. That's not even loud enough to do damange to our own hearing (I don't think), so it is unlikely it would affect your bun in the oven ;o)!


m - November 13

PS - I'd like to recommend Ladder 49. John Travolta as a fireman.... yummy! And Joaquin (sp) Phoenix does a great job in this movie. True tear-jerker (both kinds of tears) from beginning to end. Hubby and I both LOVED it. That's rare for us.


M-M- - November 14

I do not believe that going to a movie will effect the baby, I am about 12-13 weeks and have been around loud stereos and have gone to the movies. you should be fine.


v - November 16

you will be perfectly fine! my cousins doc says that the baby i can't remember exactly what it was but the baby hears something thats about 85 decimals....and there have been alot of woman at my church you have just had babies and they sleep so well during worship(which is very loud) its almost comforting in a way


angel - November 30

I am 22 weeks pregnant and going to the movies once every week for the last 3 weeks.Is it going to hurt my baby hearing.


Mellissa - November 30

The baby will start responding to outside noise as early as 24weeks although he can hear at about 20weeks or so. This being said, the noise he hears from the outside is the equivilant of someone talking to you while your entire head is emersed in the bath tub. So to sum it up, a rock concert wouldn't hurt the baby. They mostly here noise vibrations which is why deeper voices have a better impact and get a better response. Just because your baby jumps when all of a sudden there is a louder than normal noise, doesn't mean that they are hurt by it.



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