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Isida - August 28

Have you been dreaming of a child for a long time and Mother Nature postpones your opportunity to become parents?  ISIDA clinic that specializes in the treatment of all forms of female and male infertility will help to make your dream a reality. Depending on diagnosis given to your couple after a full examination, an appropriate effective method of treatment is chosen individually for you.

For couples who have a problem with sperm entering the uterus, an intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedure is performed. It reproduces the natural process of fertilization. A partner's sperm is injected into a woman's uterus just at the moment when ovulation occurs, and the chance of pregnancy is maximal. VMI makes it possible to achieve pregnancy in 25-30% of cases, like it happens in natural conditions. If the result of several VMI attempts is negative, it is recommended to go on with IVF method treatment.

IVF is a process when egg fertilization occurs outside a woman body. First, a woman is systematically injected a special medications for follicle growth. During this process, not one egg ripens, but several, this increases the chance of fertilization. Then the eggs of a patient are collected and combined with a partner's sperm in embryological laboratory conditions. A few days later, the fertilized eggs are transferred back to woman’s womb. If the use of own eggs is impossible for future mother because of age, anatomical features of woman's body or genetic diseases, then ISIDA clinic will select a donor for you and hold an oocytes donation program.

ISIDA clinic applies methods of ICSI and TESE treatment for male infertility. ICSI is recommended in cases when semen has high level of abnormal sperm and there is low sperm motility. Sperm injection is performed in the embryological laboratory. With the help of micromanipulators, sperm of a good quality is injected into the cytoplasm of the egg. TESE method is used when there is too low sperm volume or no sperm in the semen. This is method when a testicular biopsy is performed and sperm is released directly from the resulting tissue. The couple always has a chance to give birth to their biological child, even if they seem to be constrained by complex male factor infertility.

These and other sophisticated procedures, conducted in ISIDA clinic, allow many couples to hug their own biological child. You also can become happy parents with ISIDA clinic!


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