Isnt It Amazing

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proud mother to be - June 23

do you guys just sit and feel your baby moving and think, wow, your going to be a mom, and to know that you are carrying this precious little person that is going to be amazing and perfect in everyway no matter what. i've been reading to my baby "oh baby the places you will go" by Dr. Suess, i cry everytime. i cant wait to be a mother. i'm glad i am one of the lucky ones that get to experience this wonderful thing. (there are so many who cant or choose not to) no matter how big my feet may swell, how bad my back hurts, how much weight i gain, how much money it cost, every thing will be worth it when i finally get to hold my baby and say "hi beautiful, i'm your mommy i love you"


Karen - June 23

I right there with you. I am crying all the time. I love him soo much already and have not even met him as yet. I look at my baby stuff and cant wait to put them on him. I gonna love changing him. I look at the little diapers and cant beleive he is gonna be so so small. I dont even know what am gonna say to him just want to hold him and kiss him from head to toe. Grab those little feet that kicks me to death now.


... - June 23

thought i was over the m/s and now this *whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark*


proud mother to be - June 23

i love going to the store and looking at all the cute little outfits, i cant wait. i'm having a girl. i think when i have her i'm going to ball like a baby, i've always wanted to have children. this is my first, for a long time we thought we couldn't have children, then i got pregnant, now i know that things had to be in place for us to have our baby, i don't know i'm not to religious or anything but God gave us this baby girl at this stage in our lives for a reason. my husband and i have been through so much together and now we get to have this amazing adventure together, cant wait.


Evy - June 23

You are very lucky. I am at 5 weeks and I can only hope I get to the stage you are where I can feel the baby move. Thank you so much for being grateful about it....I love to hear success stories!


melissa - June 23

i am right there with you i love feeling her move inside me and its cool to see my belly move when she kicks. Seeing her on the ultrasound made it so real that there is a little human growing inside me. I cant wait to see what she looks like. I am amazed that we can carry another human life inside our body . I cant stop thinking about how my husband and i created another person its so crazy.



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