It Is So Hard To Walk Up Stairs

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lacy - August 31

I go to a huge university that is FULL of stairs and steep walk-ways. I am 6 months along, and I get completely out of breath after I walk up 2 flights of stairs! Also my knees feel very weak...and forget double stepping stairs b/c, it still counts as 2 stairs to my knees! I really haven't gained a ridiculous amount of weight-less than 20 lbs. Does everyone else have this problem when dealing with stairs? Does it get worse as I get even bigger? Any tips?


Beth S - September 1

sorry to say it does get a little worse cuz i gained about as much as you. the only solution is to have the baby lol. but seriously i dont know of anything to help


N - September 1

HI when at uni and not pregnant I found walking up the stairs hard and I was out of breath before I got to cla__s. I am athsmatic. All I can say is give yourself lots of time to get to cla__s leave before the end of your breaks. The only good part of the stairs is it is good for the legs, thighs and b___t. Also are there lifts avalible that you could use?


Alisha - September 1

It only got worse for me. Just walking back and forth to the bathroom 100 times a day is bad enough they had to invent stairs! Someone should invent a pregnancy elevator. As far as tips go, there are none. Pregnant women were made to suffer. And stairs love to contribute to the misery.


Lissi - September 1

Yes, it does get worse. I progressed from trouble walking up stairs, to trouble just walking anywhere. It's hard to get going if I've been sitting for any length of time and my husband thinks it's hilarious to make creaking noises when I stand up. Ha bloody ha! It's annoying, but I'm actually used to feeling kind of disabled these days, so expect it'll be a wonderful relief when it's finally over.


Alycia - September 1

Hi Lacy. Most universities are required to have elevators as well (for the disabled). Could you use them? I doubt anybody would mind...


MJM - September 1

Yep stair do the same thing to me. I go into a lot of peoples homes and when I see stairs I cringe. I think I even get out of breath when I get off the couch look at the chors that need to be done. So of course I lay back down. LOL I am 21w4d


rach - September 1

hi, i have exactly the same problem and i got it the same time as you. (im now due) the breathing problem for me is unbearable but i went to the doctor who put me on to a physio so they could "teach me to breathe again". apprently it can be caused by lack of iron (anemia) in which case see your doc and get some iron sulphate, or it can be caused because you're body releases to much carbon dioxide.for me it got so bad i couldnt walk around the super market and then i started to have panic attacks at the thought of going out incase it happened. i havent got any solutions because it just got worse for me... but i can suggest a few things to ease the discomfort. lie down WHENEVER possible, lieing on your side definatly helps me, get a paper bag and breathe in and out through it (sounds daft but my physio told me to do it and it really works) if there is no bag handy use your hands, sometimes the thought of it working calms you down. drink lots.sleep lots and dont wear tight bras. as for your knees there is nothing i can suggest apart from getting your partner or whomever to ma__sage them when ever you can and obviously to take it easy. try not to climb stairs as much (obviously sometimes its inevitable) but i would go and see youre GP or M/W.i hope your pregnancy goes well. good luck


to lacy - September 1

why doesn't your uni have elevators? That is illegal.


JM - September 2

I know exactly what you mean. My laundry room is in our bas____nt. Lovely old house with winding narrow stairs. I hate them with a pa__sion! I'm only 24W so I hate to think what I'll be like as I get further along.



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