It S Finally Here

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linda - August 15

Iv' been so despraete to have this baby and now they are going to induce me in 14 hours and i'm excited but scared if any of you have been induced please let me know your experince thanks


tiffani~79 days to go!! - August 15

I was induced 3 days past my due date. Went in at 5:00 pm on a Monday, and had my daughter at 11:13pm on a Wednesday. Was given 3 doses of Cervidil to "ripen" my cervix, each dose had to be given 12 hours apart. Had my water broken by my Dr. when I was 3 cm, then given Pitocin to speed up the labor process. Long story short, I only dialated to 9.5cm, my daughter got stuck in the birth ca___l (combination of my small birth ca___l, and my daughters big head) and we both went into distress. Had to have an emergency C Section, but in the end we were both healthy and I had my beautiful baby girl. Recent studies indicate a link between inductions~Pitocin~ and C Sections. I think it would have helped me to be mentally prepared for the possibility of a C/S, because I definitely was not. I am now scheduled to deliver my 3rd baby by repeat C Section on Nov. 2nd. All the best to you tomorrow. :o)


Lissi - August 15

No. Still waiting to have my first baby, but I just wanted to say good luck!


Lisa*9 - August 15

I was jump started with both my boys(induced). I was 2 cm at the time.. I had a kidney removed at 24 weeks due to cancer. When I did go into labour they wanted me to go home I argued with then that I didn't want to go home wanted to say and have the baby. We went to the hospital at 3:00 am in the morning they jump started me at 6;30am. Because I was sore when in labour I made sure they gave me an epidural to ease the pain this was given at 3 to 4 cm. Make sure you have no problems with low iron I fainted after giving birth. I was not given any food for more then 8 hrs after labour. I was so hungry. I was also not allowed to have any thing to drink for more then 4 hrs later. I was complaining of this and everything else for such a long time. Nobody was listening to me. I finally got to hold my baby 1 & a half hrs later. I lost alot of blood. If youy know what 33 guases(sp) are the small square thing to soak up blood to count how much I lost that was how much. If you want to take any thing to the hospital please take Witch Hazel for the swelling in the v____a area it worked for me after being sore for 1 week later after labour. The way you use it is to put some drops on a frozen wet mentstral pad provided by the hospital, or just buy tusks from the drugstore. Make sure you change the pad often and use witch hazel until the swelling and soreness goes away from the v____a area. Hope all this TMI helps.


Jbear - August 16

I was induced with Pitocin, but I never dialated or had any contractions, so I ended up having a c-section. I wasn't allowed out of bed while they were trying to induce, and I was pretty uncomfortable. In case it takes a while, take a book to read or something else to do. Also, bring some chapstick and something to tie your hair back out of your way. Good luck! I'm having my 2nd c-section on Aug 17, so maybe our babies will have the same birthday, or a day apart :-)


L - August 16

Jbear, just out of interest, how many weeks were you when they induced you?


Jo - August 16

I was induced with my first. I was having heave contractions just fine but wouldn't dialate past 4 either. They did not make me stay in bed, but encouraged me to get up if I felt like it. I ended up having a Csection after 12 hours of labor.


Kris - August 16

aww I'm so excited for you (and jealous!!) good luck with the new baby!!! I only have 10 more weeks to go! =D



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