It Saddens Me

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Roxanne - November 25

i am going to have a baby in march and i am so sad because my dad passed away and wont be here to see his granddaughter i just wanted to know if any of you has lost a parent and is expecting a baby i guess i just need a little support from someone who has gone through this.


Lisa - November 25

My grandmother just pa__sed away, I will be having my baby in March too. All she ever wanted was to hold my baby; I was always her favorite and it tears me up inside that she won't get to do that, that my daughter won't be able to meet and love and be loved by one of the sweetest people I have ever known. I named her after my grandmother in memory. It's still really painful and I can't talk about losing her without breaking down; she was such a force in my life...


Beth S - November 25

well im not preggo right now but recently had a little boy and my hubbys father pa__sed away about 2 years ago and it still hurts both of us that he really isnt around to see him.


erin - November 26

I have not been through this personally but my cousin had a baby girl soon after her dad pa__sed away. They always said that he picked her out and sent her to them from heaven. I thought that was sweet. Hugs to you ladies.


lurkingmama - November 26

My grandmother pa__sed away 11 days before my son was born...she was a wonderful make the pain seem less than it was we all agreed that she left so there would be room in the world for my son.


Stephanie - November 26

I lost both of my grandmothers within two weeks of each other during my sixth month. They were both so very excited to meet my baby. I'm still not over it, as I was very close to them. *hugs*


Drew - November 26

I personally haven't experienced this, but my best friend has. She isn't religious, but she has her beliefs, and she felt that her mom was watching her from Heaven. She still hurts cause her son will never get to know his gramma in life, but tells him about her all the time. They also found a way to incorperate her name into his name. (((HUGS))) Have a happy and healthy pg!


Death and birth. - November 27

A little story,when my Mom was pg with me after I was born 8 days later my Grandfather diedon my Mom's side. My father lefl her while she was pg. When my sister was pg with my niece,my Mother died. My oldest sister in the family died 2 weeks 2 days after her only granddaughter was born 2 years ago on the 24 of Nov. Now on the 18 of this month Nov,I found out I was expecting. On the 24 of this month this year , the same sister who was pg with my niece called to say my brother had died. It was comfirmed the next day he died on the 24 two years later. Now is this form of a continuation of a thread I posted under infant care entilted MIND BLOWING EXPERIENCE


Roxanne - November 27

Sorry to hear I know how you feel I lost my mother 10 years ago along with my grandparents and 2 years ago I lost my Dad So I got married last year and had none of them there with me and now I am 20 wks preg but I do know they are still with me always I just miss having them there though it all as my sisters and brothers did , Be stonge for your baby thats what they want .


sorry - November 27

I ment to say to : Roxanne on the last post


Jamie - November 28

I was very close to both of my grandmothers while growing up; unfortunately, I lost both of them to Alzheimer's - one when I was 13, the other when I was 18. While I was pregnant, there were times I would cry for hours, because neither of them would get to see my little girl - now that my daughter's 4 months old, and I've gotten to know her, I've formed a theory, and this might sound a bit cracked, but it helps me - I think both my grandmothers helped choose my daughter's soul for me. She is the perfect daughter for me to have had - she's already so much like me, in so many ways...


Roxanne - November 28

Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences with me.i miss my dad so much and its hard knowing he wont be here to see his grandbaby when shes born.and no this is not continued from your post,this is about me greving over the lost of my father before he got to see his grandchild born.


K - November 29

I lost my Dad a little less than 2 years ago. We were extremely close, and to me, he was the greatest father in the world. It makes me very sad that I won't get to watch him with his grandaughter and that she won't get to know him. I try to focus on the fact that this baby (which we tried for for 4 years) has already put the happiness back in our lives even though she hasn't been born yet and that my mother is now happy for the first time since we lost Dad. Also, I think he will be around watching over her. My grandpa on my Dad's side died before I was born, and I felt like I knew him through the stories I heard about him. Also, I remember the feeling as a small child that he was around watching me and playing with me. I will try to let my daughter know her grandfather the same way.


Vanaseregwen - November 29

I'm so sorry to hear that!! The last conversation I had with my father was telling him he was going to be a grandfather. He pa__sed unexpectedly about 3 weeks after that. I hope you can keep his memory alive in your little one!!


Shawna - November 29

My friend lost her dad suddenly 6 weeks ago. She confirmed her pregnancy the day after he died. They knew they were pg, but wanted to get it confirmed before they told anybody. They wrote him a letter and left it in the casket for him. They will be naming the baby in his honor.


teigan - December 1

i know its not the same, but we are 5 months preggas and my dad is always on his death bed but manages to amaze us all by coming back, im really dreading the day he dies as i know its not that far away.... pain is not fun, and i cry myself to sleep thinking about this... big hugs xx


Kiddolebel - December 1

My dad died a month before my son was born. Im so sorry that you had to go through this, I completely understand what you are going through. Email me if you need to talk. [email protected]



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