Itchy Legs

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Sharon - October 10

I am 61/2 weeks pregnant and am getting really itchy legs...just wondering if anyone else is/has experienced this with their pregnancies??


Christine - November 11

I am going on 14 weeks and also have itchy legs. I started using shea b___ter cream found in the lotion isle of a supermarket, and it stops the itch and keeps legs smooth too. It may have to do with the seasons changing and cold air makes my legs dry and flaky. I found this cream last longer then the other regular lotions.


Donna - November 11

uknow what, i also have itchy legs didnt think anything off it till i read this post lol think i'll have to get some of that lotion christine lol :)


~~Amanda~~ - November 11

HI, With my 1st pregnancy, I had a REALLY bad rash. The dr's told me that some women get it but later in pregnancy, I got it EARLY in pregnancy....My legs (my thighs, on the insides) had the rash there, on the underside of my arms.....the side that's close to my body. My belly, and b___sts has it on them as well. ITCHED really badly. I would CLAW myself...trying to relieve it. Nothing helped...exept for giving birth. With my 2nd pregnancy, it wasn't AS BAD, but I still had it. You may want to ask the dr about it, maybe they can do something. Mine was a rash though. RED and RAISED....I do hope this isn't what is going on with you girls. I was MISERABLE for months! Good luck! and God Bless


m - November 12

I had it too. I have read that pregnancy causes skin to become drier, therefore itchier. That makes sense to me. I'd use Christine's advice. I think a good creamy lotion would do the trick! good luck.


sharon - November 12

Thanks for your replies...I am now 11 weeks and the itching has stopped.....must have been the dry skin that M mentioned, either that os the fact that I am in chlorine alot and dry skin??



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