Iv Had All Pregnancy Signs Am I Preg

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teenmom16 - August 13

h__lo.. im 16 ad iv l8ly had sikness through early morning times to mid day times, ive felt bloated, been really stressed out at home,tender nipples and recently veins have started to show and are really visible , im having so many wierd food cravings! iv took all these pregnancy test quiz's online and it says i am for deffinate. i am looking to taking a propper test as soon as... but i've told a best mate or two and they have made me feal so prouud of being a mum-to-be , even tho its nt definate i am !! now im excited to having something of my own and something that can love me the way i want to give my love to it . ive alread startd thinking about baby names. the father is just some lad i met through a mate, we had s_x five times the first night we met, didnnt use contraception once ! and he comed everytime.i was staying his house for a couple of nights while i was away from home and every night we had s_x more than twice. he already has a 3 year old daughter so when i told him in a text about my symptons he just said.... i doubt u are cos it took me and my ex a year to make ruby. but im sure i am. and how am i gonna make him beleive he's the dad? as some1 has told him its supposed to b some1 elses if i am?? please help... please :(


Malica - August 14

First step first, take a real home pregnancy test. If he doubts who the father is, then you can take a paternity test once the baby is born (you can do it while pregnant, but it runs the risk of causing complications). If you have unprotected s_x during your fertile days there is about a one in three chance of conceiving. For some couples it takes longer, others it does not. But take the test. No point in getting excited or worried or trying to puzzle over what could be when you haven't confirmed if you are pregnant or not.


Grandpa Viv - August 14

It sounds as though you have missed a normal period already - maybe 7 weeks pregnant? Time to take a pee test. Learn about the fertile window and show him that you had s_x with him in that time frame, so he has to be the father. You are evidently more fertile than Ruby! Good luck!



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