Ive Made It To Three Months Against All Odds Whooo Hooo

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tegs - September 30

anyone else want to share there comments about how hard it has been for them, to either concieve, keep pregnant, or anything. i can now come off all my medication as im safe, im so excited. ive never been passed 8 weeks. my doctors are great... thankyou xxxx


congrats! - September 30

That is so great for you! Hope to see on the second trimester board! I am very happy for you!


Katie - September 30

I just made 12 weeks today. Had a missed m/c in Jan. Had quite a bit of problems so far; started to spot at 5 weeks and ob put me on progesterone. Spotted for a week, then stopped. I started with light bleeding (red, this time, but stopped after a few hours) at 10 1/2 weeks, everything fine after that. I'm going for my next u/s on Wednesday for 1st trimester Down's screening, so I'll only relax after that. My main worry at this stage is that my progesterone course finished day before yesterday, and I'm nervous that I might still be low in progesterone. I've got such a stinking headache today (I usually get this type of headache when I have my periods, thus when hormone levels drop....) Am I being paranoid?


teigan - September 30

aww thankyou girls.. KATIE im in the same boat, im now three months today and im off the progestorone pessarys, ( thankgod because there messy buggers ) but wow, im scared to death, as i feel so safe on them. i have no idead about the headache thing, go and get it checked with the docs, we both should be fine though as the placenta will have taken over by now, so we dont need the progest no more.. good luck... see you in third trimester soon, xxx


Cathy - September 30

Congrats! It was hard for me as well, I had to had never made it pa__sed 8 weeks. Now I am 14w4d.! Off all medication (except for baby aspirin) and all is seeming to go well. Tiegan I think you know my story and the road to here so I won't bore you with it. Just wanted to say congrats and I'll see you in the 2nd trimester board, and hopefully we won't be the other loss board again. Love and hugs!!


Ke - September 30

Hi, I just had a miscarriage in Jan and will be 14 weeks on Sunday. I'm so excited. I'm getting a little tummy, which just looks like fat to me, but everyone at work tells me it looks preggers! I've heard the heartbeat and can't wait!


Karen - October 3

Congrats to all. I sure all will be fine. I have been there. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. I became pregnant 4 months later and is now the proud mama of 5 week old Kodi. Many prayers and I am sure you will have your bundles of joy soon.


K - October 3

Congrats to you! I was so relieved when I pa__sed the 12 week mark too after having a m/c at 5 weeks back in Jan. Now I'm 17 weeks & so far so good! Best of luck to all!! :)


Lissi - October 3

I haven't really had any trouble, but I just wanted to congratulations, wish you all the best with this pregnancy. xxx


tegs - October 10

im still pregnant, over the moon im now over 13 weeks, whhooo hoooo, good luck and take care everyone


nikki - December 15

To katie....the headaches during pregnancy are actually caused by the increased amount of hormones its not a bad thing ask your doctor about it just as i did...



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