Ivf Mom To Be

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IVM Mom2B - May 2

I am. Anyone else? How is the pregnancy experience so far? I'm almost 3 months along and all is well.


Amy - May 2

My pregnancy was made possible not by IVF but the old fashioned way. Either way its all a miracle isn't it. Congratulations on making into the second trimester sane. I am 17 weeks and 1 day along. This is my second child. Although since my daughter is almost 3 years old, I am relearning things about being pregnant. I am finally not too sick anymore, thank God. But other than the sickness of my first trimester, everything is going pretty well. Congratulations and Good luck!


IVF Mom2B - May 3

Hi, Amy. Thanks for your kind reply. I envy you re: the old fashioned way ;) -- and for having your 2nd child. Congrats, too!


Liz - May 3

Just wanted to say congrats..you must be so thrilled! I just had a friend go through the procedure and know she is playing the waiting game. I have a 7 year old and ttc #2.


mwat - May 3

Hello! Congrats! I also had the IVF procedure done. I am 16 wks pregnant! I am so happy. I had a lot of problems however in the beginning. I was bleeding a lot...gushing actually. They put me on progesterone injections daily. The bleeding stopped. There was an empty sac (they implanted 2 embryos). One developed, one didn't. I can't wait to hold this little one. Isn't medical technology amazing? I had the best doctors in the world. Good luck to everyone.


IVF Mom2B - May 4

Haha, mwat-- I did, too! This baby better behave :). I had to do 2 things I hate the most: injections and nose sprays *lol. The doc also put in 2 embryos and only one took. I didn't bleed though, but had old blood discharge just a week back. All is fine so far and going for another u/s today (12 weeks). Yay!


hi all IVF Mom - May 4

me too i had ivf The doc also put in 2 embryos and only one took. i am so happy , i am 38 old and this is my first baby 10 weeks ahhh god help us all and congratulation to all of us and Good luck to everyone.


hi - May 4

Mom ivf tell us about your babys and doctors please i am going to do ivf too any advice please Congratulations


SH - May 4



b - May 4

hi any one please


Stephanie - May 4

IVF? It's invietro (sp?) fertilization.


IVF Mom2B - May 5

IVF is In-Vitro Fertilization. On the lower left side of this site's page there is a list where you could get info about this procedure.


R - May 5

I am sorry but could you please tell me what IVM is...and while we're on initials...what does Dh mean? Congrats are in order I believe


IVF Mom2B - May 5

IVM was a typo, sorry. I meant to write IVF.DH means either Darling Husband or Dear Husband.


Toya - May 5

Does ivf mean you finger to get the spearm in there?


minx - May 5

Toya-- you and your trying to get pregnant by using your boyfriend's finger ( as read in another thread) *lol. I can hear you're very obsessed about getting pregnant. Why not ask a medical professional for counselling to start with? You obviously don't have much knowledge about conception and other procedures.And yes, s_x is important to a coupledom relationship. Having s_x with your bf's finger for the rest of your life could become tiresome after awhile. Seriously, go to a counsellor.


1 - May 5

hi all Mom ivf



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