Jealousy My Baby Will Be 18mo When The Second One Comes

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maple - February 20

I'm wondering what tips I should keep in mind when my new baby comes in Sept. My ds is now 10 months. Will he be jealous?


DownbutnotOUT - February 20

when my 2nd son came my first son was 20 months 1 week and 2 days old and he at first was very accepting of the new baby. though as my 2nd son grew and needed more of my time, even though I tried playing with both of them at the same time, my first son I guess felt jealous towards my 2nd son and he started hurting him. my 2nd son was 6 months old when my eldest started picking on him and no matter what I did they still continue to do so many years later. I have heard that alot of brothers are like this. But when I had my 3rd child about 21 months apart from my 2nd son it was like night and day both the boys knew that she was a girl like mommy so no rough housing. Both boys where little angels when she was a baby but when she was about 1 1/2 years old the sibling thing kicked in. I hope I could offer a little bit of helpful information. take care.


maple - February 20

Oh dear. I'm hoping things will go better than that. I know what you mean though. I am close in age to my brother and although we playes a lot together growing up, we did fight like cats and dogs. I'll try to do some reading on the subject too. Thanks for your input.


snugglybugglys - February 23

My kids ages are exactly 12 months apart, except for my newest baby. So I have a (in april) 4 year old, two 3 year olds, and a 2 year old. Plus a my newest is almost 10 weeks old. Anyway, my kids never get jealous towards eachother. I love having my kids so close in age! They ALWAYS have someone to play with. I mean yeah they fight every once in a while, but that's normal sibling stuff. They don't beat eachother up for no reason. My advice would to just include your youngest in everything with the new baby. That's what I did...and it was great. I would have my dd help with get the wipes, or hold the diaper for me...or whatever. Good luck, and congrats on your growing family! :)


punkin01 - February 25

i have a 16 month old now and am due in june so DD will be 19 months old when DS gets here and i was wondering the same everyone tells me differently....some say since they are close in age they will be close and play good but other say since she is young she will be jeoulous and hurt him so i dont know what to do ....someone suggested telling her that baby bro is coming and all and let her buy him a gift to bring to hospital and buy one for him to give her and that would help but i am not sure how that is going to help........


San - February 25

My girls are 18.5 mths apart. They are now 26 mths and 8 mths. To date I have had no jealously issues at all : ) I just kept telling dd #1 that she was going to be a big sister and when I had dd#2 I involved my eldest in diapers changes, outfit changes etc so she felt that she was helping out. Good luck!!


momma3tobe - February 26

My two are a little over 10 months apart, my son was too young to really rebel, he just kind of accepted it when his sister was born. They are really close now, almost like twins. At 18 months I wouldn't expect too much jealousy.


krista-lee - February 26

Hi maple! I have an 8 1/2 month old, and my second will also be comming in September! What a coincidence :)



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