Jlorenzo We Know What Kind Of Man You Are You The Man

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La Rae - March 30

Just thought I'd shout out a positive thread for ya' man.


amanda.d - March 30

JLorenzo is a very interesting person who is very concerned and part of his and his wife's pregnancy.He is also very knowledgable in this particular area.I happen to read all his threads.


tara - March 30

2 thumbs up to JLo :o)


We love you! - March 30

Marry us!


D - March 30

Now I know why these men hang out here! Where else are they going to find so many adoring women??? If they've got a bad side, I've not seen it yet...


blah, blah, blah, - March 30

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah................................etc.


spoon - March 31

4 thumbs up for J-lo ( thumbs from my hands and from my feet ! ) hee hee...


JLorenzo - March 31

I appreciate the love! I have found your insights just as valuable as you have apparently found mine. Good to have friends who can answer some questions. BBK can probably relate to how near impossible it is to talk about your wife's condition on the basketball court or in the bar! And I know he agrees there is nothing unmanly about caring for your wife and being excited to share this unique experience! How lucky are we to be able to have the technology to communicate our concerns with perfect strangers?


BBK - March 31

JLorenzo, you're such a ladies man...man! It should help you since you're having a daughter and you'll be outnumbered. Yea, I know what you mean. The guys friends will most likely crack a joke reminding you that your life is now officially over :-) Well, I'm exaggerating a little :-) You're right .... a real man is measured by how well he cares for his family,..... besides, we're not the brave ones in this child bearing business, and helping our wives in any way we can is the least we can do.


La Rae - March 31

Awwww you guys! You make me wish so hard that there were more men like you two out there. I hope that someday I am fortunate enough to meet a man who has the same qualities and characteristics as either one of you (or both - that'd be even better!) Your wives are VERY blessed to have you as their husband(s). Your children are blessed to have you as fathers as well....


JLorenzo - March 31

Thanks LaRae. Much appreciated! We are just as lucky to have the wives we do! And BBK is right, we don't have to go through the child bearing process, so I personally feel that any way I can help, I will. For example, my wife told me I need to pick up my mother-in-law at the airport tomorrow. Now, I would rather put a fork in my eye but I will pick her up, with the least amount of complaining possible. Well, I will complain to you all, but not her!


D - March 31

I think men can be kind of funny sometimes.... and I'm not the slightest offended if men think that about women now and then :-) ... My husband is definately all man, but he doesn't think he needs to go around beating his chest like a gorilla to prove it. He finds it pretty amusing to see the reaction of other men when he tells them I'm pregnant... Its kind of like the chest-beating gorillas are acknowledging that he has "proved" himself (you guys would understand this better than me)! I've told him about the fellas on this forum... he's intrigued, and asked what website it is, but I don't know if he's been here snooping on me yet or not!


La Rae - March 31

That is SMART thinking Josh! That's why we say around here: 'You The Man!' (and so are you BBK) Gosh.....you guys really do give us women who have not been so lucky in love some 'last-minute' hope. Do you have any brothers who are single and just like you, btw? LOL


JLorenzo - March 31

Ha! La Rae, I don't have a brother. Maybe BBK does?


BBK - March 31

La Rae, are you saying you need 2 men? :-) Just kidding! I know what you mean, thanks for your kind words, and good luck too! J-Lo, hang in there buddy! Baseball season is around the corner...... but then so is the birth of your daughter !!!


JLorenzo - March 31

Thanks BBK. I live in Maryland and am torn between the Orioles and the new D.C. team! Of course, I am not going to get tickets for either one as I don't want my wife's water to break during the third inning! When is your wife due?


BBK - March 31

I actually have a brother, he's actually an MD.....better man than I am! He got married recently and now that he got a steady job at a hospital he's ttc. La Rae, it's unbeleivable sometimes.... I know so many good single men and women, but somehow they can't seem to be able to get together.



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