Jlorenzo What Kind Of Man Are You

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!!!!!!!! - March 25

I have read many of your posts and comments. What kind of man spends sooooo much time on a pregnancy forum site? Your weird! Go watch baseball or basketball......... By the way some of your responses are not funny, the're sarcastic and unnecessary. Go be a man!!!


omg - March 25

maybe he was interested in his wife's condition.. geesh cut the guy some slack..


Robyn - March 25

I think he is an amazing man. Just because yours may not be so interested in whats going on with your pregnancy to get one a website to talk to people doesnt mean you have to rude to him. I think we would all be better off if our men were like that! Keep it going JLorenzo! Its nice to have a mans perspective on some stuff! Besides nothing said this is women only and he isnt the only man on here.


To !!!!!!! - March 25

J-lo is a very funny man , ur dry ! maybe u want to get some sense of humour as well ummmm? And some women spend time watching baseball or football, are they weird too ? Gimme a break will ya !


JLorenzo - March 25

Ouch! If you want the truthful answer to your question it is: I like to speak with people who can relate to the experiences I, as a concerned soon to be parent may be going through. While it is safe to a__sume that a mother carries the baby, it is both the mother and father who share in the experience. And besides the concern aspect, baseball hasn't started yet and my basketball team sucks...so I need something to do while I sit here at work, wasting the time away until baseball season starts. FYI...I frequent other chat sites like "Geriatric Elders Society" and "Hemorrhoids: more than a pain in the a__s." Sarcastic? Perhaps. Unnecessary? Ask the other people who read them and laugh or can relate...


Robyn - March 25

Oh yeah the hemorrhoids chat...they are all a__s holes in there. Now the geriatrics....thats a chat that really gets up and moves! I dont think we should listen to people with no sense of humor. If you cant laugh at yourself and other people....wow I am at a loss for words. Lets excuse her maybe she is just hormonal we have all been there...except you J lol.


BBK - March 25

!!!!!!!! I guess you're old fashioned. Things have changed in the past couple of decades. I like sports, but if being intrerested in my wife's pregnancy makes me weird, then I'm guilty as charged...... but I guarantee you that with the opinion you hold you're a very tiny minority.... so who is the weird one?


JLorenzo - March 25

Thanks everyone for coming to my defense. I hope your weekends are enjoyable!


321 plums - March 25

Ur welcome ! my W-E could be better, i have these horrible cramps in my lower belly ! It sucks..


BabyTiger - March 25

I don't know J-Lo, but from his posts and comments I'd say he's a decent guy with helpful, valid information for us women in here. I'd llike to have more men like him give their honest opinions in here to get a better picture of what the other half of the equation in the pregnancy really think and feel. Thanks for being around J-Lo.


sarah - March 25

At least JL is up front about being male. I'm sure there's some genuine odd-b___s on this site who are men calling themselves women's names so they can talk about "sensitive nipples" etc. Leave the guy alone - you are probably jealous because his wife has a husband who gives a c___p!


To SugarPie - March 25

As always, nice language, girl!


!! - March 26

I just think that JLorenzo is a f__g!!!


SugarPie - March 26

To "To SugarPie", thank you very much! If you can't tolerate people cursing then you need to find yourself a new planet to live on. Peace and much love***


Heather - March 26

JL pay NO attention to the jealous people posing nasty messages. It's clear they are not out of HIGH SCHOOL yet & refuse to step out of this adolescent activity in posting STUPID messages. Don't waste your time paying any attention to those. You're a good man for being as involved as you are! Keep up the good work! You’ve got PLENTY of people on your side here!!!


StaceVee - March 26

Hi, I am JLorenzo's wife and I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to his defense. He is a generous husband and is so attentive to my needs. I have been having alot of difficulty with the pregnancy thus far and him being able to speak with you all has been educational for both of us. His way of letting out stress is to joke and he never says anything malicious. Perhaps "!!!!" should change her name to "????" because I have no idea what she is trying to proove by demeaning others. He isn't Gay either. Just really concerned about me and he asks others if the experiences we are having are shared by others. Seems to be that is what a website of this nature is for...thanks again everyone!


Spoon on the moon - March 26

Hey Mrs J-LO (mrs Josh ) u are more than welcome.U are truly blessed to have such a caring husband. Don't mind those tight women who have no sense of humour. Enjoy ur pregnacy u & J-lo !!



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