Jlorenzo Is Nervous

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JLorenzo - May 4

Alright, tonight at 7 we go get induced. Last night was funny because Stacey and I went to our favorite Italian restaurant for one last meal. I sware, knowing exactly when you are having your first baby is like your last day before execution on death row. Everything yesterday was, "our last this" and "our last that!" "Our last night in our own bed before we have a baby." "My last drive into work before we have the baby." I guess we have alot of nervous energy and a million things going through our heads. It does make me feel better knowing that soon enough, the labor part will be over and we can get on with this new chapter. Thanks to everyone for all their advice and humor over the last 10 months. My first post was something regarding my wife and I trying to conceive. Here we are almost 10 months later going to the hospital. I will keep in touch...


leslie - May 4



Lissi - May 4

Lol! I can understand how you're feeling. You must be counting every second! Most people tell me that once the baby has arrived you'll soon be wondering how you got along without them. I'm excited for you! Let us know how it went and how you are feeling when you get a moment. Hope everything goes smoothly for you and your wife. Best of luck!


D - May 4

Best wishes to you! I can see how all the "lasts" would be a little unnerving. Since the whole pregnancy issue has unnerved me from the beginning, and if I spend too much time thinking about it, I trigger my nausea, I think I might be able to understand a little! At least stop by once and tell us how it went sometime... PLEASE! :)


BBK - May 4

Josh, it'll be just fine man. Just imagine that in a matter of hours you'll be able to hold your daughter, and you'll forget everyhing about this forum :-) Good luck bud, to both of you!


Karen - May 4

Congrats, wishing you all the best welcoming your little one. I have 4 months to go and I am already thinking about last. Last trip before the baby, last months just me and bf etc. Then it will be three of us instead of two. Our decisions no longer involve the two of us but three. Let us know how everything went. Good luck.


KEEKEE - May 4

Congrats!!! I have been following some of your posts. You are such a good husband and will make a great father. Remember to do less video taping(if you planning To) and more hand holding. She will need tons of support. If she say hurtfull words, thats labor. Have ton of face towels nears you to wipe her face. Give lots of kisses and hugs for comport. Oh, Don't just yell Push!!! Also say you can do it. Tons of love. That all I can think of......You are so lucky!!! Mother's Day is around the corner!!! What a special gift for you and your wife. I am gonna wish you luck.....Please! Please don't faint!!....Heehee...Just kidding!!! Enjoy your Newborn. You gonna be a daddy!!!!


JLorenzo - May 4

Thanks everyone! The worst is going to be the waiting...will let you all know how it goes when we get home.


D - May 4

:-) just as long as you let us know, then we'll forgive you if you never think about us again! I'm sure everything will work out just fine!


JLorenzo - May 4

D! How could I never think of you again!? Impossible...


Stephanie - May 4

CONGRATS to you!!! Good luck with your new family!!!


To Stacey - May 4

Are you worried about the pooping tonight in the middle of the delivery? I hope the italian food you have was not very stinky! I am having my first and I am sooo worried about the pooping part!


JLorenzo - May 4

Awww man!!! I didn't even think about the potential for a c___ptacular fest! Geez, if she does b__w out on the table, that might seal my fate of vomiting! When you all are watching "Lost" or "American Idol" tonight, think of us pacing, pooping and vomiting!



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