Just A Couple Of Questions

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debbie82 - April 15

ok...i have a couple questions. first..i just wanted to know if you'd be able to see the fetus with an ultra sound at 8 weeks? and second, i went in to the ER when i was about 8 weeks because i was in alot of pain and throwing everything up. i couldn't hold down food or any kind of liquid not even water. caused me to become so weak i had to force myself out of bed to go to the ER. they did an pregnancy test and that came up positive then figured i was about 8 weeks along. they did an ultrasound and there was nothing in my uterus. i haven't had my period since the begining of janurary and i'm still throwing up gaining a little weight and my lower stomach by my pelvic area has had a sharp shooting pain constantly for the last few months. what does that mean? is there something wrong with me?


Bonnie - April 15

8 weeks is borderline. I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and they could see the baby but it was a teeny speck. What did they say to you, do they plan to repeat it?


debbie82 - April 16

they just told me to wait and then go back. i'm in the military so military doctors don't really explain anything. what about the sharp pains i've been having?


livdea - April 16

hey debbie, I went in for an u/s as soon as I found out I was pregnant and they put me at 6 weeks...fetus being there for 4 weeks. She looked like a pinto bean. They did however tell me if I came any earlier that they wouldn't be able to see her. I think that was the earliest, but I definitely saw her heart beat and everything. The sharp pains I had too...kinda like cramping before a bad period...that's your uterus streching and growing. Even though it's early things are taking shape! I'd say you are fine! Normal aches and pains and sounds like very unfortunate morning sickness!! My cousin has been hospitalized the first three months of each of her pregnancies (3) b/c of her m/s...theres a condition for it...hopefully you wont be that sick!!! Anyway keep us updated and good luck!


debbie82 - April 16

i have one kid already...she's 3 and very very adorable...but i went back to the ER today...they did an ultra sound...and didn't find anything in my uterus...AGAIN!!! i'm gettin scared and wondering if it is a tubal pregnancy....they told me to make an appointment for tuesday or another day next week to go get further tests done.


GraceRenee - April 16

Debbie... when did you have your first positive pregnancy test? Are you pretty sure about your dates? If you are sure you are 8 weeks and if it is true that there is NOTHING in your uterus (no Gestational Sac? No Yolk Sac?) then they should not be sending you home to come back later!! They need to find out if there is a pregnancy in your tube before it ruptures. Go back to the Dr. ASAP and insist they figure this out for you. I am a military spouse so I know how it can be... but for your own sake and for your health, you need to insist on a thorough examination!!



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