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STARR - October 18

Hi every one if someone needs answers just ask me i know lots about pregnancy and questions in general.


mary - October 18

is it safe to take antacids during pregnancy


me - October 18

doesn't take a pro for this one mary - Tums and Rolaids are okay. Any others that would be prescriptions.. ask your doctor.


STARR - October 18

Mary,antacids are generally safe but take them as directed.but also antacids have sodium in them and can cause swelling and water retention.some antacid contains aluminum and can cause constipation.ones containing magnesium may cause diarrhea.so just be sure to read the lables if your worried about any of the side effects. and also "to me"please dont be rude.


me - October 19

nothing rude about my answer STARR... thanks for being on the defensive!


STARR - October 19

no its just that almost all these threads have so much bickering.no matter how nice they start out mostly they turn bad.i just want to answer any questions i can for people without this thread going bad.if you need any advice me let me know.


Lisa - October 19

I have one that I've been wondering about..I had the triple marker test and everything came back normal. I've had my 20wk U/S and the baby measured well and right on schedule with no cleft palet; but I was wondering can these tests and measurements also detect mental retardation? I have two cousins in my family who have that so it is there; I was wondering if all what I have been getting should have detected that by now or is this something you have to wait for birth to find out?


tara - October 19

hi starr i heard that sometimes s_x can cause you to misscarry is this true


STARR - October 19

Lisa,they have several different test that can detect birth defects/mental retardation.if your triple test and ultrasound showed negetive on abnormalities i wouldnt worry.the triple test screens maternal blood to detect fetal spinal defects and chromosome abnormalities especially Down Syndrome and neural tube defects.they can evaluate the growth rate and development on the ultrasound.if your still worried you can request a amniocentesis but they generally do that around 16wks.


STARR - October 19

Tara,there is usually no need to refrain from s_x during your pregnancy but some docs say dont have in the last couple weeks of pregnancy.and some docs advise you not to have s_x if you had a previous miscarriage or preterm labor or even infection or bleeding.s_x in early pregnancy will not cause you to have a miscarriage.


gerri - October 20

most women take antacids during pregnancy.doctors reccomend them.i always took them myself and had no problems


casey - October 20

what are the causes of placental abruption?


STARR - October 20

The cause for placental abruption is unknown but the most common condition a__sociated with placental abruption is hypertension in pregnancy.women with high blood pressure during there pregnancy are more prone to placental abruption.


Lisa - October 20

Thanks! I was not sure if the triple marker showed the mental retardation as well, I thought it was many for downs in that aspect. Thanks!


firsttimepgwithtwins - October 20

I have a question,i am pg with twins,and i went for my 8week u/s one baby is measuring [email protected] and the other is [email protected],is this ok?and also the hb of the lil baby is 182 and the big baby is 160,is this ok?when ever we see them we can barely see baby A,my small baby,but baby B we can never miss that one,my dr says everthing is fine, the yolk sacs are identical, are my babies big for their age?


?? - October 20

Maybe you misguessed your LMP if they are measuring a little bit bigger? But anyways, congrats on your pregnancy x 2!!!!


To: Tara - October 20

Tara, Having s_x will not cause you to miscarry. Most doctors actual say having s_x in the last days of your pregnancy will speed things up for you!



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