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tryin44 - January 29

I jsut wanted to put my two cents in. I read all these threads about desperatly wanting one s_x over the other. That is sad to me. I have two boys and a girl. The boys came first. I had a third expecting a boy but got a girl. With all this talk of trying to concieve and having troubles than only to hear people going as far as reading and buying predictor kits and stuff. What ever you have all you should do is pray your baby is happy and healthy. I know you all would love your babies reguardless but I do know you will feel guilty for having those feelings about wanting a certain s_x baby if you don't get it. I jsu don't like hearing such selfish wishes. I am trying for my fourth and final baby (wish I could have 20) and yes I at this point have two of one s_x and one of the other but as with my other three I will just be happy to carry a baby nine months and have it healthy.


Mommy1 - January 29

I've been reading alot of the threads of ladies that would prefer a certain s_x over the other...however, I do not feel the same as you do. I believe that any of the ladies that wrote in those forums prefer or are hoping for one s_x over the other but I don't believe that they would love their baby any less if it wasn't the s_x they wanted. I think most people hope for a certain s_x but regardless are wishing for a happy, healthy baby. I myself would love to have a girl...but if it's a boy, I'll love it just as much. I think you read too much into the other threads.


Please_be_A _girl - January 29

I have to agree with you Mommy1. I obvioulsy am hoping for a girl but only because I have a 5 year old boy and would also want to experience a girl. If i have a boy I would be just as pleased!


j432 - January 29

I'm agreeing with you too mommy1. Not to say tryin44 isn't right about having a healthy baby and all, but I am one of those hoping for a girl and just because I have a preference doesn't mean for one second that a boy wouldn't be appreciated. I would love my baby no matter what. And of course I want it to be healthy and that is the #1 concern, but there's nothing wrong with hoping and trying for your gender of choice.


tryin44 - January 29

All I am saying is putting it out there so obviously (I'm sure to family too) They are setting themselves up for dissapointment and when that little baby grows up and heres the stories of how mommy wanted a girl or a boy for that matter it is hard on them. I had a couple cousins and friends that that happened to. I am just saying maybe it be best to keep your true feelings at bay so there are no stories in the future about how mommy really wanted a girl and didn't get it but oh honey I still love you. I am definatly not meaning to offend I just don't think sometimes that people think how stories and such carry on and such. It is somewhat like a women who gets pregnqant by accident and years down the road that is all the kid hears about. I am not saying that would happen here but the possibility is there. I love reading on this site and know arguments get going and can go on forever and that is not my intention.


crackersforme - January 29

tryin44.....I actually had to deal with the talk while I was growing up. My mother had two girls before me & was hoping for a boy. The doctor told her I was a boy & she was all excited...then I came out a girl -- oops!! lol. I know (& always did know) she loved me just as much as if I was a boy & all the talk from my family & their friends has NEVER bothered me the least. I actually never really sat & put any thought into it until now :) I don't understand how it would bother anybody..... just my opinion, though.


DownbutnotOUT - January 29

im disagreeing with you mommy and im agreeing with tryin44 due to the fact my ex SIL cried when both her sons were born because she wanted a girl so bad, she even refused to b___stfeed her first son she was so devestated. I thought it was sick because she had 2 healthy baby boys but each time she bawled because as I said there boys. I myself am pregnant with #4 and alot of places where I live will not tell you the s_x and if they do its over 21 weeks or so when they do so you cant have an abortion. Curently it is a problem in alot of developing countries where women are aborting healthy fetus's because there not the right s_x. I say be happy with your baby even if it isnt 100% healthy, but god hope it is 100% healthy, a baby is a blessing and all should feel that way when there are couples out there that cant concieve.


DownbutnotOUT - January 29

o I should also add my stepmother's mother tried to kill her when she was only a few weeks old because she was a girl and the father saved her. Her own mother tried to rip off her umbilical cord and the father was said to come in just in time, thats what she claims and I dont think she would make that up.


kristie h - January 30

Hi I have to agree with tryin44. There are many many women out there that cant EVEN have kids or they just keep miscarriageing and would love just to carry a baby to term no matter what the s_x is. When ladies can and know they can bear kids they take it for granted complaining about the morning sickness and all the things that comes with pregnancy while the ones that cant have kids or keep miscarriaging sit back and think how selfish those females are being. I have had two losses but i have one son and i am pregnant again and i could not care less what the s_x of this baby is as long as it is healthy and i carry to term and bring on the morning sikness!! Be thankfull you can fall pregnant and carry to term as you have the honor to do somthing that MANY women crave for.


lawlady72 - January 30

I wholeheartedly agree with tryin44, once upon a time when I thought getting pregnant was going to be sooooooo ea__sy I said I'd really like a boy this time. Guess what? After 1.5 years of trying and a mc later I'm pg again and I don't care at all what the s_x of this child is going to be. I just want a healthy baby. I think a lot of people who just snap their fingers and get pregnant take it for granted. My Aunt used to joke that she wouldn't even shake hands with my uncle anymore for fear of getting pregnant again (after 11 kids). All her kids got pregnant very easily as well so she had no clue what I've felt like for the past year and a half. She even went so far as to ask me what was taking so long (mind you she's 77). I posted a thread on 1st trimester that said "just happy to be here". I mean it. I have all the same concerns, maybe more so, but I just wanted a place to talk about how blessed we are.


jendean00 - January 30

I was on fertility for 3+ years and I am now pregnant with a little girl, even though I did not care what the s_x of the baby was it does not bother me for someone to hope they have a boy or a girl. Who hasn't dreamed of ther perfect family with a mom, dad, son & daughter. I know I did.


lovemy3 - January 30

Amen to that!


Mommy1 - January 30

My husband and I are not finding out what the s_x is cause deep down it doesn't really matter as long as it's healthy, but yes - I would really like a girl. I think the lady that was mentioned that refused to b___stfeed her son, and cried each time she had a boy is sad cause "most" people don't get that worked up about it. I was just saying that some people prefer a certain gender and are happy with what ever they have. Yes, Jendean - I as well have dreamed of having the perfect family (my opinion as well)...Mom, Dad, Son, & Daughter.


babymakes5 - January 30

Tryin44-I am in agreement with you. I'm pg with #4. My 1st 2 are boys and my 3rd a girl. When she came out my ex had said it was another boy and I was okay with that. Then they said it was a girl, and I was thrilled. Now I'm pg with new dh and he has 1 son, so right now we have 3 boys and 1 girl. We don't care what it is and are just happy to have a child together. We weren't ttcing so it was a surprise. We were going to wait until birth to find out the s_x but decided to maybe see on our upcoming u/s. Even though we already have 3 boys and only 1 girl, I'd still be thrilled to have another boy too. I love each and every one of them and wouldn't want it to be any different. :) good luck with #4!


tryin44 - January 30

My first two are boys 6 and 7 and my third is a girl 14 months. We decided we would like to have another because she is always wanting to play with the older kids and they love her and play with her but only tolerate so much. We feel bad and loved the way the older to connected and would love for her to have the same experience. I could never wait to see what I am having. Not because I care but I love naming and attatching to a particular being. I have a hard time saying baby, it or he/she. But cudos to those who can wait. I'm sure the surprise would be interesting also.



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