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Gaby - April 23

When yor ten weeks pregnant canyou suck in your stomach? Well actually should you even have a belly in the first place?


April - April 24

I don't know but when I was 10 weeks pregnant I was showing (not a huge belly.. but my stomach definately wasn't flat anymore) and from what i remember I don't think I could suck it in... I'm 27 weeks now and for some reason I'm having trouble remembering that far back.. haha


minx - April 24

i tried a few times. and each time i felt like puking right after haha.yes, i've had a bump since about 9 weeks and am 11 weeks now.


Maleficent - April 24

with my first two pregnancies i could suck it in untill 4 months. everyone carrys differently. this time there is not enough suck in the free world to pull this belly in.


Tammy - April 24

This is my fourth and I swear my pants are tighter already and I am only 5 weeks along.


Gaby - April 24

Im 10 weeks pregnant and 1 day and im completely flat. I dont even have little bump or nothing is it maybe cause im really skinny


Maddie - April 24

Yeah, that could be Gaby. You're just one of the lucky ones. I wasn't showing at 10 weeks, I think I could suck my stomach in too. One of my friends didn't end up showing till she was like, 7 months preg. Her baby was perfect and weighed 6lbs. 12 oz.


Gaby - April 27

I dont consider it being lucky.I want to show that i have a baby inside of me.I want to have a belly so bad, not a huge one but one where people can notice


20 weeks - April 27

im 20 weeks n i could still suck in my stomach theres a lil itty bitty bump there but u cant c it through my clothes.


Missy - April 27

I am at 17 1/2 weeks and I can suck it in if I try really hard, but I don't have that kind of time or energy on my hands! I am only starting to look fat, too big for my clothes too small for maternity clothes.....really this is a miserable stage. But at 10 weeks, only I could tell and from what I hear there was no need to suck in my stomach. I understand Gaby about wanting a belly - I just want to be past this fat stage!!! Is this your first?


Gaby - April 29

Yes it is. Im 14 and really skinny, it probably has to do with the body type.


Karen - April 29

Well Gaby my sister was 17 with my nephew amd hardly showed at all. She was very skinny. I know how you feel. I just started to show and I am 28 with my first, although not skinny I had fairly flat abs before. They say that with your first it takes a bit longer. Dont worry you will show in time. !!! Good luck.


~S~ - April 29

I'm almost 6 months and I can still suck in my tummy. Although I can't suck it in as good as I used to, but when I do, you can't even tell I'm pregnant, just looks like i've gained weight becuase I can't suck in my arms, thighs, b___t and b___bs hahah.



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