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zoelouise - May 2

Just wonder how far people have been in there pregnancy before they recieved a POSTITIVE result on a pregnancy test.....??? as i am 4days late having all the symptoms yet getting NEGATIVE tests:( Just wondering if anyone esle had this problem that they were pregnant with neg tests or they thought they were??? Thank you


Joelle - May 2

i found out i was pregnant 5 days after i got pregnant whitch is weird


livdea - May 2

I found out two months after I conceived that I was pregnant.


mandie - May 2

I found out the day after I expected my period. Of course, my cycles weren't really regular, so I didn't even know if I was late yet. Some women show up right away, some don't for a month or two. Try the early response ones, they tend to be more sensitive than the digital ones and pick up lower amounts of hormone. If AF doesn't show in a week or so, and still the tests say neg, go see your doc. Try not too stress, cuz that will delay AF (if you're not pg) and only make you go crazy for longer. I know, easier said than done! Best of luck.


soimpatient - May 2

Livdea, why did it take 2 months to get a positive result? I'm guessing there is more to your story...can you share the details? I'm just curious because it is so rare for it to take that long.


livdea - May 2

I hadn't had my period since the beginning of september and I was kinda concerned but not enough yet. I took several hpt and they kept comming back negative, so I freaked out thinking I had a STD or something! I went off the pill for a month b/c I was switching types and I still didn't start my period. So in late November I went to the dr convinced I wasn't pregnant and that I had some horrible std. I took OVER 12 first response hpt from the beginning of October (when I didn't start) till the beginning of December (when I finally got a positive hpt) When I went to the dr and they checked me (at the end of november), there they told me I was pregnant! I was SHOCKED. They were thinking I was a month further along then I was but thats not the case, via u/s. I conceived in mid October but hadn't had a period since Septemember 2nd. I had unprotected s_x once durring that month I was off the pill and I had been a faithful pill user for 8 years. They couldn't explain why I didn't get a positive hpt sooner, they did say that some womens hormones aren't always up high enough...but 2 months?!! I wrote a letter to first response and told them to work on their product! Hope this post makes sense, it's been a long day and I'm out of it!!


bjovs1 - May 2

i did a first response 4 days b4 my period was due and got negative, i did a predicter test(uk) the day my period was due, also negative, used a really cheap 1.50 test it was pos, so on the 4the day i was late, did a first respons and it showed a very faint line, and on the 7th day i was late did another first response and it showed up really well, hope this helps, sara xx


littlemama1022 - May 3

I was about 5 weeks pregnant when I found out. I had no period and I just had a feeling I was pregnant.


iimsooflyx0 - May 3

I got pregnant in november & didnt find out until january


soimpatient - May 3

Wow! Livdea! That is quite the story! Congrats on your pregnancy and all the best for labour & delivery!


Jamie - May 4

I conceived the last weekend of November (2004) and found out on New Year's Eve, after having spent all December arguing with DH about whether I was pregnant or if i had the flu. (He thought I was pregnant, I thought I had the flu, he was right, I was wrong.)



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