Just Feeling Sad No Question Here

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nhb - June 5

My husband stays at home with our one-year-old son and today I checked our cookie file, and there were so many p___n websites. I'm just feeling pretty sad at the moment, but i don't feel like even telling him again why I get sad about stuff like that. I'm to the point where I just want to curl up in my bed and cry. I hate feeling like this. He just doesn't get it.


i dunno - June 5

Sounds to me like your husband needs to either get a job, or get busy around the house. He sounds like a jerk. What a pig.


leslie - June 5

I hope I am not getting to nosy but why doesn't he work? and about the p___n well if you think about it its better to watch p___n from the house to actually go and practice it..if you know what I mean...how is your s_x life?..don't feel bad..I hope its just hormones going crazy and by tomorrow you will feel much better..I hate when I feel like that b/c even if I try to explain to hubby why I feel like shet I think he is not going to understand, I just wait till next day and it usually goes away..


Jamie - June 6

Your hubby may not actually be doing anything wrong - a LOT of inncocent sites have pop-up ads, that link to p___n sites. Try installing a pop-up blocker, clear the cookies, and then wait a week, and check again.


Tammy - June 6

Good advise Jamie. My husband did that for my sister and she caught her husband. While she was at work and he was suppose to be watching the kids, he was on p___n sites the entire time she was gone. My sister got suspicious when the computer was acting up and he did not want anyone looking at it. Here he was suscribed to many sites and had downloaded so many movies that her computer was not running correctly. The "pig" thought that he was fooling my sister. He named the files under his kids names. ASS HOLE. My husband has his masters in Computer Science so he quickly figured him out. Unfortunately, she's still married to AH. nhb- Let your husband know how much this bothers you.


.... - June 6

Are there men who don't look at p___n? I've never met any.



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