Just Found Out 3 Mos Preg Been Drinking Wine

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Sandra - April 22

I just found out im 3 months pregnant (i have been getting periods) and i have been drinking wine. 1-3 glasses per week I am so worried! Of course i stoped right away but what are the chances ive done damage??


Sandra - April 22

I don't think you've got too much to worry about. My dr told me I could still have 2-3 gla__ses of wine per week even during the first trimester.


Nicole - April 22

Don't worry, you and your baby will be fine! I've heard of a lot worse than that, and everything turned out A-O-K


Audrea - April 22

My doctor told me that if you drink in the first trimester and if it was too much then most likely you would miscarry. There is no known amount of how much is too much or even if one can be harmful. You did the right thing by stopping if you don't want to take the risk, but it does you no good to worry about it.


Missy - April 22

A good friend of mine was nearly 4 mos pregnant when she found out she was pregnant. The entire time she partied, and I mean alot. Her son is about to have his second birthday (I still can't believe it's been two years - I was in the delivery room with her!) and he is absolutely perfect! Not to say that drinking while pregnant is good, so please don't misunderstand me. But for you to have been drinking such a little amount and stopping now, I think your baby should be fine. Just be sure to take good care of yourself and to take your vitamins and eat really well for the remainder of your pregnancy. Good luck!


sandra - April 22

Thanks everyone I feel sooooo much better.


Michelle - April 22

You dont need to worry. Before I found out I was pregnant with my son I was doing a lot of drinking. Beer, wine, liquor you name it. I stopped when I found out(two and half months). My baby boy is perfect!!!


<Amy> - April 22

Thats ok, my doc said 1 gla__s a week is good for you and the baby its mean't to stimulate the babies brain but you should'nt drink more than 2 a week. I think you'll be ok u only exceeded by 1 gla__s now and again. My cousin didn't know for 5 months and she was drinking a hell of a lot more than that! 2 days before i found out I was pregnant I was at a coctail party! trying loads of different coctails and got extremely drunk (didn't even suspect I was pregnant) i stressed about that a lot but alls well!


Davida - April 22

The same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with my 10 yr old. I was being treated for stomach problems and having scopes done. I even took a pill the OB gave me to bring on my period! I was 18 wks when they finally told me I was pregnant! She was 9lbs at birth and has been growing strong ever since! I'm sure things will be fine! Good luck!


Maddie - April 22

I'm 32 weeks pregnant, and have heard so many stories of real women who went through the same thing and their babies are great! You don't have a thing to worry about. I would suggest eating a lot of pinto beans(taco bell) and anything with folic acid in it, as this is the vitamin that is reduced when drinking alcohol.


sandra - April 23

thanks for all the advice I thought I was going to get a bunch of negative feedback. Seems so many people freak out when you mention alcohol and pregnancy.


Just wondering - April 23

I wouldn't worry. You don't sound like you have drinking problem. That bwhen women should worry. How did you find out you was pregnant? You had periods, how did you know. Just wondering


sandra - April 23

I was so hungry and had a full feeling in my belly that i never felt before so I took a test. I just had no idea!! Im very happy though.


kat - April 23

congratulations sandra,im with the other ladies on here im sure you have nothing to worry about. and <amy> did you cousin have periods for the first 5 months? how did she finally find out she was pregnant?


. - April 23



a - April 24

I think you should be ok.


G - April 26

You should ask a doctor.



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