Just Found Out Had Miscarriage Before Have Some Q S

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jamcar06 - March 2

My husband and I just found out a few days ago that God has blessed us with another chance at being parents. I am trying not to get paranoid, but am scared of lossing another baby. We had such a rough time with the first miscarriage, I don't ever want to go through that again. So, here are my questions. First, I heard that most pregnant women have implantation bleeding around the time of their first missed period. Well, I haven't had this type of bleeding at all and I was wondering if that is a bad thing or a good thing?? Do some women not having the implantation bleeding at all?? My other question is about morning sickness. I heard that when you have it, that means that you baby is healthier, is this true or not?? Thanks for all that read this and all that help with my paranoid questions. and I wish you all happy babyness.............;)


sososleepy - March 2

Hi jamcar06. Come visit the loss page, you'll find answers there too. No, in fact implantation bleeding is rare; most women do not have it. Morning sickness is different for all of us, not having any is fine, but loss of symptoms that you've had regularly can be concerning in the first 9 or so weeks.


Crystal Star - March 2

Congratgulations on the new pregnancy! I too had a horrible miscarriage before I got pregnant theis time. Implantation bleeding doesnt happend with everyone. If it does happen then I would get it check out by the doctor to determine if it is a bad thing or not. They do day that if you have morning sickness it is a good thing. I am not too sure why.


jamcar06 - March 2

Thanks ladies for all of you help, it is nice to have the support and encouragement and rea__surace.


SaraH - March 3

jamcar after 2 m/c's I am now 35.5 w pregnant w/ what has been a perfectly healthy pregnancy so I understand where your worry is --I was terrified this time that it would happen again. Chances are though that it wont and that this baby will be just perfect so try not to stress to much. As far as your questions: Implant bleeding is rare and most ppl don't get it. M/s does seem to possibly indicate that a pregnancy may be more likely to succeed according to studies, BUT not having m/s doesn't mean the pregnancy is in bad shape either. Many many women never have m/s and still have healthy babies. Not to mention that w/ my 2nd m/c (m/c at 7w1d) I had bad m/s from around 5w until the day before I actually m/c'd so it didn't mean anything for me. W/ the first m/c I never had m/s but I m/c'd at about 4-5w so I think I was probably to early for it. W/ this current pregnancy I did have m/s through to about 14-15w's and still have 2-3 days a week were I'm sick feeling...so while having it might give you a slight advantage, having it/not having it really doesn't meant that you will or wont m/c. Good luck and try to relax. I understand how very hard that is after a lose as I've been there -the 1st trimester was hell emotionally- but as I said odd's are in your favor and chances are much better that you'll have a healthy baby then that you wont. Hang in there and just try to do what you can to insure that your baby is healthy. Also see your doc if you haven't. It did so much to help me relax. My doc always does an early u/s to make sure the LMP looks accurate but it isn't normally done until 8-12 weeks. Mine agreed to do it at 6.5 weeks so that I could have some peace of mind at that 7w pt where I'd lost the last one. I also asked for my progesterone and HCG levels to be checked -which my doc did. Although none of these things really "guarantied" that something couldn't go wrong, it helped so much having the rea__surance early on that things were looking good. So if you have a doc who is compliant it might help ease your mind to see/talk to him/her. Good luck and Congratulations.


proudmommy - March 4

the first time I got pregnant, I also had a miscarriage. Then I got pregnant the second time and I too was nervous. I did not have implantation bleeding and I didn't have morning sickness. My son is now 5 months old and as healthy as any parent could hope for!! Congrats on your pregnancy.


proudmommy - March 4

oh and my pregnancy with my son was beautiful. It was great. No problems...thank God. Same with the delivery.


DownbutnotOUT - March 4

I never had implantation bleeding with 4/5 of my pregnancies. With the morning sickness I had it horrible with my 1st and not too bad with my 2nd and third pregnancy. With the 4th pregnancy, I lost as a missed m/c, I had more morning sickness than I do with this pregnancy. I am currently 26 weeks today. I would not really on symptons or m/s to suggest weither a pregnancy is going to be viable or not it will just end up worrying you. Take care and try to enjoy your pregnancy and a huge CONGRADS!


jamcar06 - March 4

Thanks ladies, all of this really helps. I do appreciate it.



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