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Worried Sick - October 4

I had a very light period in August, it started out pretty normal, but ended within a couple of days. I missed my Sept. period, took a test, and it's positive. I'm not seeing the Dr. until the 11th, but I'm worried now that may have been implanation bleeding and I've been drinking a few times a week and taking Allegra daily. Could I have harmed my baby?


val - October 4

I was in the same situation you were, back in June I had a light period that ended after like 2 days, and then July came and I missed my period and was pregnant. I was afraid I had been pregnant all that month before and that June's period was IB, just like you said...but with me, I worked it out in my head that my symptoms started coming on exactly like the books said, about 6 weeks I started getting sick, I had sore bbs from about 4 weeks on...so for me it all fit that I had had a real period in June even though it was light and got pregnant after that. But if you aren't having any symptoms, I don't exactly know what to tell you. Did you tell your dr office you think you might be farther along and have been drinking and would like to make sure exactly how far you are to set your mind at ease? Do you know what side effects Allegra can have on an embryo? I would definately just call your dr and talk to him/her about your concerns, they will be able to put your mind at ease.


chris - October 4

What were and are your symptoms? Did you have symptoms prior to your "light" period? I'm just really curious because my GF is in the same boat.


chris - October 4

Also, did you have a regular cycle this whole time?


tiffani~28 days to go!! - October 4

It's always a possibility that there was some harm done, but I think you're probably okay. Keep in mind that there are many women who smoke, drink, and do drugs throughout their pregnancy and go on to deliver healthy babies. Don't beat yourself up, you wouldn't have done it if you knew you were pregnant, and i'm a__suming you quit the moment you found out. Congratulations on your baby to be! :o)


Worried... - October 4

I have always had the 28 day cycle, like clockwork. This light period came on the 28th day like it should, but I was surprised that it was so quick. I didn't start having symptoms (to my knowlege) until I missed my period. This month I was a little naseous, prompting me to take a test after I was late, but I haven't been since (cross your fingers). Yes, I did tell the Dr. office, but they can't see me until the 11th, but I guess I could call and try and set my mind at ease. Thanks for the replies!


Lisa - October 4

I would not worry about; it was very early on. I would stop taking the meds until you are sure they are safe. I drank for the first 4 weeks not knowing I was pregnant because all my tests came out negative and my baby is developing fine.


K - October 5

This happens to lots of women. Just try to be as healthy as possible from now on, and I'm sure your doctor will be able to rea__sure you xx


Jamie - October 5

I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant on New Year's Eve. The whole week preceeding, I don't think I spent a single day sober - I definately drank way too much, and averaged about a fifth of tequila every 2 days, not to mention I smoked heavily. But, I quit drinking and smoking as soon as I knew I was pregnant, and had my baby at the beginning of August. She is perfectly healthy, and shows no development issues whatsoever. Now that you know you're pregnant, of course don't drink, etc, and call and ask your prescribing doctor about the Allegra. But, don't worry - chances are, your baby will be just fine.


Lisa - October 5

I was the same as Jamie, I drank heavily a week before I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. There was parties and social drinks...it was pretty much a full week of drinking. I'm not going to worry about, my baby is developing fine. This happens to most women.


karine - October 5

i think it is said that usually in the first few weeks of the pregnancy the baby is immune to that. but that as soon as you find out, you must change your lifestyle. You should stop taking your Allegra until you talk to yoour Dr. i had bad allergies to and i took some Benadryl. i stoped right away when i got my test. And the Dr. said it was ok as long as i stoped.



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