Just Got My Bfp

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Gem - February 26

Hi ladies just thought I would share the good news as I am soo excited. My AF is not expected for another two days but I found a cheapy test in my drawer which I didn't realise I had so I did it and to my suprise it came up with a faint line which they have never done before. I didn't really believe this so I went to the supermarket and bought a first response and that also came up with a line which wasn't dark but clearly visible. I am really happy but worried too incase I have tested too early and have a chemical or incase something happens. I am in shock as I was starting to think I would never get pregnant as we have been trying for about 5 months. I will do another test on day AF is due or day after. Thanks for listening and good luck to you all.


oz - February 26

Congratulations Gem I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy :)


LN030905 - February 26

Congrats, Gem!!! Ive seen you around and you seem so sweet!!! Extremly happy for you!!! Good Luck..Happy and Healthy 9 Monthd!! God Bless!


Gem - February 26

Thankyou for your kind words xx


Suede - February 26

Congratulations Gem! I am only 2 weeks ahead of you as I got my bfp on Valentines day. These first few weeks seem to go so slowly. It feels like I have known I have been pregnant for a month already. Hope time goes by a lot faster for you. Is this your first pregnancy?


Gem - February 26

Hi Suede yes this is my first pregnancy. Is it yours?


Tanna - February 26

WOW Gem, you were right about your heartburn then! Congrats!


Sissy - February 26

Congrats hun!! God Bless you and your little peanut!


kjones - February 26

Congratulations Gem!!!! I’m so happy to hear that you got a BFP. I tried for 8 months before I finally got mine I thought I would never get pregnant. Enjoy!


Suede - February 27

This is actually my second pregnancy. First one ended in a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks, but found out at 12 week scan. Hoping this one stays around to full term. I am going for my first scan on 9 March, and hoping to see a healthy heart beat. Do you know when you will be going for a scan yet. I know it is still very early for you, but just wondering how things compare in different countries.


Gem - February 27

I have not booked in to see a doctor yet but I will the day after AF is supposed to be due if she doesn't show. I think in England you see the midwife at about 7 weeks for a check up and then again at 12 weeks to hear the heartbeat but you don't have a u/s scan until 20 weeks. I hope everything goes well for you xx


Suede - February 27

Thanks. Likewise for you too. In South Africa you normally only go at 12 weeks and 24 weeks for a scan, but due to my circ_mstance, they have pushed it forward to the 7 weeks. I can't imagine waiting until 20 weeks for a scan. That must seem like a lifetime. But, at least you can hear the heartbeat at check ups.



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