Just Got Off Bc Pills Think I Ovulated Am I Pregnant Please Help

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Niki - September 5

I just stopped my pills because I was spotting alot because I became careless with my pills & not taking them at the same time everyday. I stopped them the 13th, and got my period the next day, I was a few days away from supposed to be getting it according to the pills. But it came then and it ended around the 20th, 21st, We had s_x almost everyday and never used anything. He always ejacualted in me. The other day around when a fertility thing predicted my ovulation day, I felt alot of cramping but not period like cramps, all on my sides a little before, and alot after s_x. Could that be ovulation occuring? Im 17, and supposedly youre really furtile when your young. Do I have a good chance of being pregnant? I really want to be. My period was 28 days obviously with the pills, but before I was irregular and never kept track. So thats why I need help, cuz im real confused. I heard sometimes your period and ovulation are later than usual once coming off the pill. Sometimes they dont happen for a while. So Im all lost on what to do. I really want to be pregnant, my nipples are starting to hurt a little. Im not eating as much, but no big signs yet or anything. Im supposed to get my period sometime around the 11th. But that'd be on the pills schedule. But what if getting off the pills throws it all off? Would it be to early if I took a pregnancy test around the 12th or 13th? PLEASE someone help!


Niki - September 2

Oh also I forgot to add that I had previously skipped my period with the pills about 3 times, so that probably caused the spotting and my period to come on faster, Im guessing?


J - September 2

you sound VERY immature to me! You are 17 and you want to get pregnant? Grow up! I hope you haven't been lying to your boyfriend - telling him you are protected when you're not. You are TOO young to be a mother, stop having unporotected s_x and do something with your life!


sarahlou - September 2

J i think that was rather rude. what is the right age to have a child in your books? i'm 21 and pregnant with my first child. i live with my partner in our own and we're getting married in december. before now i've always worked. my sister fell pregnant when she was 15yrs old. she kept her baby and she has been a brilliant mum. her son started school today, she's now married own's her own home and has another son , she's 20yrs now and i think she's a brilliant mum. niki may only be 17yrs but if she's in the right situation and her and her boyfriend both want this baby and are wanting to bring it up together then i dont think it matters what age u are. so like i asked before. what is the right age to have a baby???????


Niki - September 2

Okay I came here to get help! J, you sound like a little b*tch, keep your thoughts to your self. Aint nobody wanna here all that. Actually my boyfriend wants a baby and suggested that I go off my pills in the 1st place. But thats beside the point, thats none of your business. If you cant help me, then shut the hell up. Your just wasting your time. Thank you Saralou. About 10 of my friends 16-19 have babies and their just fine. If anyone can answer my questions instead of wasting time judging me then PLEASE HELP!


leigh - September 4

Hi, Well I can't really help ya but I can offer some support. I'm 17 and pregnant. from what I have heard you are suppose to wait three months before trying to convieve once you get off the pill to make sure your body is normally regulated again and what not, I suggest going to see your doctor! Best of luck!


Erin - September 4

Hey Niki. I got pregnant with my daughter when I was 17, and had her when I was 18. Although I don't regret a thing, I DEFINITELY wish I knew then what I know now, and made a more educated decision. My daughter is my world, I just wish I would have waited a couple of years so that I could experience all the fun stuff that happens right after highschool. And believe me, it's not fun at all at the hospital and doctor's office telling you you need a parent's signature for stuff because you need to be 18 for all that. Here you are, a mom-to-be, still needed a parent's signature,sucks. You're thinking, "i AM a parent dammit :)" However, no one can tell you when YOU'RE ready, and age is, after all, just a number. As far as being on the pills- it's true it could take up to three months before you ovulate again- OR you could ovulate right away. Every woman is different, so listen to your body. Cramps, especially on the side, are indeed a symptom of ovulation- as is your discharge changing to clear, thin, and stretchy (the consistancy of eggwhites). You can try a pregnancy test when you were supposed to get your period- but if it's negative, DON'T ASSUME you're not pg. You can find posts all over this board that sometimes it takes awhile for a test to show up positive. With my daughter, I had negative home tests until I got a blood test at 2 months along. Hang in there- and email me if you'd like to chat: [email protected]


CASSIE - September 4

Erin, you mentioned that it took two months for the tests to show up positive. I am having a lot of pregnany symptoms and would be about a month along if i am, but all the tests are negative so far. What kind of signs and symptoms made you think you were pregnant even when the tests were negative? Please answer me because I am really lost. Thanks


Erin - September 5

hey ca__sie, is this the same ca__sie from the other thread under "pregnancy tests"? If so, we are both in the same boat this time around. When I got pregnant with my daughter I actually had no symptoms at all.(I WAS 17 though, and had no clue what to look for hehe) I took like 3 home tests, they were negative, and I thought well that is that. NOPE. It was not until I missed my second period did I get a blood test and sure enough! But, now that I know what it's like to be pregnant, i really feel like i am. This time around- I have missed 2 periods plus 2 weeks- and I thought for sure I'd show a positive by now, but I took another test tonight and NEG. SHEESH. I've read that some women don't show HCG on ANY tests- urine OR blood. Anything's possible I suppose. Signs and symptoms that make me think I'm pregnant this time is: tender b___sts with sore nipples, tired all of the time, mood swings, cry easily, and i have a LOT of clear/milky discharge. Also my cervix feels soft. Have you checked your cervix? It's not a definite way to tell, but your cervix should feel soft if you are pg, and feel hard (like the tip of your nose) at other points in your cycle. Google it. I did and got a lot of good info. My thoughts are with you!!!


ca__sie - September 5

yep, it's the same ca__sie as the other thread. Anyways, thanks for replying. yeah, my nipples are more sore than my b___sts, and the veins are more dark, and the areolas have gotten bigger. I have also had a lot of clear/gooey discharge. ALthough, this morning, (this is graphic, sorry, but it worries me) I had a big lump, I mean a lump of clear discharge but it was kind of tainted pinkish/brownish!?! is that normal? what could that be from? i have been continuing to have unprotected s_x without bc pills, so i gues if i wasn't preg before i could be now. but i am just so confused. my friend did the same thing and she concieved on aug. 15 last year and didn't find out she was preg until sep 15th because all the tests were negative. I don't know when i should get a blood test or when i snould try another urine test. i am now seven days late. thanks for any help!


Erin - September 5

Hi again, when you say seven days late- do you mean you missed your period again plus 7 days? I know what you're saying- if we weren't pg before, maybe we conceived this month because we weren't on the pill. It's all so confusing! If that is the case, I would wait until you are 2 weeks late for this particular month before a blood test-just in case. In the meantime I know it's hard not to take home tests- but they are so expensive! Here's a tip I learned from www.peeonastick.com (great site). I know this works with FRED. Before you take the test, take it apart and cut the strip lengthwise in half, so that you can use it twice. It's all explained in the "fun with HPTs" section of that site if you want to check it out- save you a lot of money! As far as discharge, it sounds a lot like mine--- when you saw the lump- had you had s_x recently or the night before? Sometimes I will have something like that after s_x, and it doesn't even have to be rough s_x.


ca__sie - September 5

erin-actually, lol, i did have s_x the night before and i have never experienced anything like that before. I mean it was like a really big glob of mucous, but it was tinged with a pink color, i have been doing some research and i guess that happens with women who are near full term, it is their mucous plus. so that concerns me, but then i heard it is normal to bleed after s_x because of the cervix. as far as feeling the cerivx to see if it is soft, how do you tell if it is soft? i have never felt it before myself. do you think the discharge this morning could have been from s_x--here is my email if you wanna talk [email protected] REALLY appreciate your help! THANKS



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