Just Had A Baby And Want Another Is It Safe To Try Again

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christina - November 21

my baby is 3 months old and were trying for another someone said its not safe to get pregnet this soon after ....so if its not safe how long should i wait??


HH - November 21

I was 5-6 months old when my brother was conceived. Mom was fine. You are talking about a little closer, though.


kim - November 22

why the rush?you in a race?give your body alittle time to heal.


Two - November 22

My friend had her two kids exactly one year apart. One on Feb.26th, and the other on Feb.16th. She was pretty healthy in both pregnancies, and did good with both labors.


Kristen - November 22

i had a friend that got pregnant before her 6 week fallow up. her kids are within a few days of being exacly 10 months apart. They are both healthy kids


Cathy - November 22

My mother had 5 children in 6 years. Two of my sisters are only 10 months apart in age. My mother is fine, and so are ALL of my sisters. As long as the doctor gives you the go ahead, it's up to you.


lee - November 22

hi , i got pregnant by accident when my baby was only 8 weeks old. I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy and had to have ovary and fallopian tube removed. Doctor said it was too soon after having my first baby and my body hadnt got back to normal yet. Now 11 years on I am still trying to conceive and finding it impossible. Give yourself time.


carrie - November 22

Why don;t you name this child first and wait till he at least goes thru one pack of diapers


Cathy - November 22

Carrie, Why are you being so rude? She was blessed with a baby, and now wants to add more blessings to her life. There is NOTHING wrong with that.


Carrie - November 22

I'm sorry I have been told I have issues with being rude. I wash my hands of this issue. This conversation is terminated.


ELS - November 22

Give yourself at least 6 months to heal. I know that after a c section you are told to wait 3-6 months. If you can have another baby that soon after a c section then I am sure that you could have another one v____ally as well. Good luck.


Amy - November 22

hi i had a c-section and got pg 6wks later and we were fine


Lacy - November 22

My boss got prengnant 2 months after her first was born, and said she loves that they are so close...the only thing was, that her ribs were sore because baby kept putting his foot in the same spot sister did!


Mommy - November 22

My boys are 11 months and 20 days apart. I did just fine with the pregnancies and both my kids are healthy and happy little guys. My OWN big brothers/sister are only 1 year apart each. They were all healthy and so was my mom. Good luck.



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