Just Had My Son 3 18 Think I Am Pregnant Again

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Misty - June 14

I have a daughter that just turned 3, a son that is just now 3 months old and I think we are expecting again. I noticed that I would have ovulated last week, on the 3 most fertile days my dh and I had s_x. Then I looked up my fertile days and realized we had actually done it on the "oh my" days. My AF isn't due until 6/26. Ironically that was my last AF before I concieved my son last year. I am not on any BC beacuse I chose to use the natural rythym method. My last AF was 5/28. With my son I had a faint + at 10 days past OV. The earliest I will be able to tell is the 6/21. I will be happy either way, I was just wondering if anyone else was in my boat?


E - June 14

Holy cow no!! I am afraid to be touched by my husband for fear of getting pregnant again. BTW, I had my son on 3/21 :) Congrats if you are!!!


Misty - June 14

E... Congrats on your son! I too was on strike when it came to my dh touching me until last week. I am just a little freaked out about the whole thing. Thank you so much for the reply.


MS - June 15

My baby was born on 3/2. I have not had a period yet. Is it possible for me to get pregnant again, I mean, how do you tell when you ovulate?


Karen - June 15

Congrats. A lady I work with came of maternity leave and is pregnant again. She her baby in Dec and is expecting again in Dec. All the best


Misty - June 15

MS I am not sure if you can get pregnant without a period, but I also heard that when you bleed for 2 weeks after the baby is born, the 2nd week is considered your AF. Have you went for your 6 week checkup? I haven't. Let me know when you find out email me @ [email protected]


Misty - June 15

Karen Thanks! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one out there going through this. That's really cool that the lady you work with is due the same month as she was with her 1st . I will be due a month before my sons 1st b-day. Thanks again for your reply.


Momof2girls - June 30

I have a 4 year old daughter and a 3 year old daughter they are exactually 1 year and 10 days apart, I didn't plan on having them so close but it worked out really well for me at least. They are so close and potty training was a breeze. Both were done at 2. Now we are expecting our third in Nov. Not sure boy or girl yet. But it you are pg it's kind of like having twins, just one can do a little more than the other. Hope it helps!!


Julie - July 1

You can ovulate before you get your first period after you have a baby. And, I've never heard of the 2nd week of bleeding being considered your AF. I bled much longer than that with my kids, and didn't have my first periods/ovulate until like 6 months after they were born. It's different for everyone, obviously, but if you're b___stfeeding, that usually helps it hold off a little while. But, don't think that just because you bleed awhile, that you've automatically started ovulating again. The only way I know of finding out when you ovulate is doing the chart thing with temps and CM, or using an OPK. Hope this helps.


Julie - July 1

BTW, something a little confusing, at least for me anyway, was spotting due to my bc pills. I was on a low dose after my son was born, because I was b___stfeeding. I'm not the best pill taker, and if I took one late, I would start spotting. I thought I was getting my period already. But, I talked about it with my doctor and he straightened me all out. I shortly thereafter had an IUD inserted.


for Misty.... - July 1

MISTY update us!! =) I want to know if you are pregnant again!



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