Just How Early Are Symptoms

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andrea - March 11

I think I may be pregnant, and this a good thing!!! I am supposed to get my period on the 21st.... so I still have a while to wait. If I conceved on the 5th, could I already be having symtoms? My br___t are sore, and Im sleepy thats really all. I was just wondering like how early symtoms come? What were your first?


jayana - March 12

ive heard that you can get syptoms as early as 2 days after conceving is that tru? h-e-l-p!!!


Heidi - March 12

Yes it's true. I knew something was up almost 3 days after conception. I started feeling flu like symptoms and about 5 days before my period was due, my b___sts started to ache like never before. A different kind of ache. The symptoms weren't bad but enough to know something was definately up. I just joined the gym the same weekend I conceived so I a__sumed I was feeling funny from my new exercise program. Wrong! I was pregnant!


nica - March 12

i had symptoms only a fwe days after conceiving - thirsty, going to the toilet a lot, constipation, curlier hair, sore b___bs, excessive salivation.


michelle - March 13

hello , i'm day 20 of my cycle , so due my period in another week.. i've been haveing bad tooth ache early hours of morning, lower back ache, funny cramps lower belly and very tired, some of these are due to clomid i am taking.... anyone suffering lower back acje and tooth ache?????


nica - March 13

To michelle, yes, I had severe tooth ache right at the very start of the pregnancy, and I found out that it causes your gums to soften and sometimes bleed.


vanessa - March 13

Andrea - you and I are on the EXACT SAME schedule! I'm glad I found your post... I've been thining something is "weird" with me too. I too ovulated last Saturday... and my cycle is 33 days so I too am due for my period on 3/21. Anyway, my b___bs have been almost electric and tingling since 5 DPO. I also had very strange (and strong) cramping just on that same day which has gone away since. I have noticed small, dark viens running all through my areolas and my nipples feel like they got sunburned. The skin is ultra-sensitive just on the tips. I can tell you that I was so freaked out that I actually took a test yesturday morning (which I knew would be BFN no matter what) but I just had to do something. I'm giving it until the end of this week to test again. I can tell you that today, I'm feeling very tired and dizzy... plus my b___bs are still "at it". Whatever the tingles are just won't let up. I'm 30 and have never been pregnant before so I just don't know enough to be sure that no matter what a test stick says this early - I'm pregnant. I wish I knew this better... but it's nice to have a "cycle twin" that I can share this with. Please let me know how you're feeling today, ok? I'll be interested in finding out if we both are indeed pregnant.


andrea - March 13

Vanessa- Hey hun! Yeah I am so excited too! I hope Im pregnant! and I hope you are too if you want to be !! I dont know about my sore b___st because its just like they hurt, not a lot. Almost like when Im about to get my period... but they have been hurting for about 4 days now and they never hurt until about 3 days before my period. Im so nervous.... I took a test yesterday ( clearblue easy digital ) and it was neg, I just took it just because hahah Im sad! :( My hubby and I want this soOoo bad.... so keep me posted and I hope you are if that is what you want ! BaBy DuSt***


Erica - April 5

I am feeling very sick and can't eat. When i wake up in the morning i feel really sick but do not throw up. is this a sign


Meadra - April 6

3 days after conception I took a day off of work because i thought at the time that I had this nasty flu that was going around. Throwing up. Cramps. Back ache. My b___bs were throbbing. I just thought i slept on them wrong! When my hubby got home from work that night he said, "I don't think you're sick. I think your pregnant." I just laughed. Then, I stayed home from work again on Valentine's day because I could not stop vomitting. That day I took a test. Surprise!! Very cool Valentine's Day present for hubby!


sammi - May 31

Hi i got my periods on the 14th and have been gettng them on that exact day for about 4 months now. only this month my husband and i decided to try. the past few days my b___bs have been so tender, last night i took off my bra and they felt like they were ready to tear off. I have been quite tired and have been needing to urinate quite often. I really hope these are signs that i am pregnant but is it too early to tell?


claireabell666 - January 18

I and my fiancé had intercourse 2 weeks ago on sat, and like an idiot I had forgotten to take my pill. I want babies but I am getting married in Nov would like to be married first. Anyway, 2 days after we did the deed, I started getting strange stomach ache, like stretching pains, imp not due until the end of this week. Then day after got a full bladder feeling (Not Nice), I noticed my skin became really oily, all over which ive never had. My left leg was aching, like annoying aching. My b___bs started hurting at the sides, like id been to the gym but I hadn’t, then on Sun my nipples started hurting, and now they burn whenever an even brush past them.... I have done 3 tests and all negative, my boyfriend thinks it’s in my head and won’t even accept I might be so he isn’t disappointed (he really wants one) I am confused and wondering if it is in my head.... :-(


Grandpa Viv - January 18

The signs are promising but the timing is off. How often do you forget the pill, and do you make it up the next day? Absent any birth control, s_x Jan 8th with period due Jan 22nd would be high risk. Test next Sunday using first morning pee, and repeat a week later if still in doubt. GL!


claireabell666 - January 19

Thank you, i will do that. I really hope i am to be honest.


claireabell666 - January 19

Can i also just ask, is sleep pattern changes a symptom. Usually i always want to go to bed early but this past week i havent wanted to switch off the TV at night, even though i am tired, then i usally sleeep through but i have been waking up alomost every hour, and i am wide awake, but quickly fall back to sleep. Its so strange for me.


Grandpa Viv - January 19

Most women complain of fatigue but difficulty sleeping. Sometimes that has to do with "can't seem to get comfortable" joint(?) pain. More frequent urination at night can wake you up. Since you are complaining about hourly wake-ups, that sounds more like REM sleep pattern involvement - interesting.


claireabell666 - January 21

Well, most of my symptoms have gone, still slightly painful nipples, the main thing now is my teeth, on my right side, through the night I must be clenching my teeth they are so painful when I wake up. Also my stomach is so big and bloated, but im sure its higher up that it would be with pregnancy, not quite my stomach but little higher than my whom. Also getting headache all the time. Also I have miss calculated, it was the 30th Dec my first day of period, and we have been having intercourse for the duration of the month so who knows if I am or not, but I tested yesterday and it was negative :-(



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