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Liz - January 21

This is not really a question. I wanted to start a forum for women who just need to chat about their pregnancy. Some of the questions that I read on this web site are very ignorant and some people who answer questions are rude. I just want to chat with normal adult women who are pregnant and looking foward to having a new joy in their life.


lilmama - January 21

AMEN! I dont really have many questions, but I am so excited that I just found out I am having twins!! I just wanna tell the whole world!


ES - January 21

Cograts. to you! Wish you the best of luck!


KM - January 21

Liz, it is true that a lot of ppl on this site are ignorant and rude. I started chatting on here during my pregnancy.My son is 8 wks old now.I'm only 18 but I have made a lot of friends on here, (the teen forum is a mess and way worse if you wanna see ignorant lol) some good women on here to talk to are E, m, Dez, and Tiffani. theres more as well but those are the ones I have been chatting with the most! anyway congratulations with your pregnancy :)


tiffani - January 21

Holy cow lilmama! I'm thrilled for you. If I remember right, don't you have a 6 or 7 mo.old?? How exciting to be having twins? Do you know what you're having? Congratulatons!


Q - January 21

I completely agree! I am also tired of seeing the same questions day after day that people have already asked 100 times before. It's also very depressing to know that babies are being raised in such ignorance. I hope this is a new begining for this web site. By the way, I am 26 weeks pregnant with my second boy!!!


lilmama - January 21

Yeah Tiffani, he is almost 8 months now! He would have been 4 months when I got pregnant! I dont know the s_xes yet but I have my fingers crossed to find out on the 10th of Feb (thats my next ultrasound) I am sooo excited but very nervous at the same time. My husband is in the military so we are 12 hours from home, so I wont have much help! But I have always wanted twins. I never thought I would have them because I didnt have a very good chance of it from family history and what not, but here I am! This is acutally the first case of twins in my family from as far back as I can see. Anyway, congrats to everyone! And I will be happy to answer any "stupid" questions you have lol!


KM - January 21

wow lilmama thats really neat. Having twins is gonna be pretty crazy when theyre both up at nights lol. You have a big job ahead of you :) congratulations on your babies :)


Rachel - January 21

Liz, I'm glad you started this thread. I just found out that I'm PG two days ago (4.5 weeks). It's our first. I'm so excited, scared, tired, etc. It's so hard for me to concentrate at work. Not getting much done.


Peg - January 21

I AGREE!!! I am not pregnant yet, but hope to be soon. Congrats to ALL of you. Lilmama, how wonderful for you!! I would LOVE to have twins:0) Peggy


Sarah M - January 22

Twins... thats really a blessing. Im 11 weeks pregnant, i cant wait till my 2nd and 3rd trimester. Being pregnant and having a new life inside you is amazing!!!!!!!! I love whats to come and more, even though i do have killer nauseau......


Lisa - January 22

I fully understand the frustration people have. A lot of the posts on here seem to be fairly basic questions that have been answered time and time again, having to read a lot of the 'fake' or rude posts, some with foul language or simply poor grammar that people write gets very tiring. I think the administrators should be a little bit more discriminate and remove such posts that are insulting, and monitor the site more closely. I am having my 5th baby in 2 and a half weeks and would simply like to relate to other mums, or answer questions to those having their first/second child and help put their mind at ease with any concerns they may have.


E - January 22

I could not agree more. I am worn out from the same questions. Plus, there is a stalker that has nothing better to do than to post as me with profanity and ridiculous statements. I ignore the posts completely. Thanks to the ladies that chime in to say it is not me posting!! I do not care at this point. Good luck lilmama with the twins:) That is incredibly exciting, and shocking I would bet!!


Mommy2Kylie - January 22

Well, Im not pregnant anymore. But I have a 2 and a half month old little girl and I'd love to just sit around talking to other mothers, and expecting mothers who don't judge and put other woman down.


lilmama - January 24

Thanks everyone! It is so refreshing just to sit and chat and not tell any 13 year olds that I cant tell if they are pregnant or not, and to take a test! I love to help with honest questions, but man it gets old sometimes to see the same ones over and over. When I have a question, I look to see if it has been asked before I start a new post, I just wish everyone else would! E I wouldnt worry about your little stalker, we all know that you are too intelegent to type that c___p, and they will get bored with it sooner or later, and find some other website to pester. Anyone see the post from "Maddie" the australian? Wow, what an idiot! Hey Liz, where did you go? I havent seen you post on here since you started it. Anyway, it is really nice chatting with some honest to god pregnant wemon who are not idiots just causing trouble!


Amma - January 24

Hi Ladies - can I be in your gang? I am from Uk, living in Tanzania, and getting married in April to a Tanzanian whom I adore. Anyway there are not many women here to talk about babies and childbirth with in the way that I would like - it is all a bit savage here to be honest, I don't know how these women find the strength to have families - labour happens in a long room with 12 beds with plastic covers, with one nurse wandering up and down telling them not to make such a lot of noise.......... Anyway, I am not pregnant, and have never had a child, but we are trying our absolute best to change that! maybe one of you would be kind enough to translate some of the abbreviations used on the site as I don't know what any of them mean, except PG! I feel really sad to read some of the threads on this site - it is a great opportunity for people to get their questions answered, but so many people seem to use it as a means of abusing people who don't know what they need to know - specially the young girls - one one thread a youngster was wondering why should she go on the pill except to prevent HIV - Oh my God, that is scary. Anyway girls, keep up the good work of being normal and keep your fingers crossed I'll be walking down the aisle with an extra package under my dress!


lilly - January 24

hey lill mama how many weeks are u? i think i might be having twins to and i have questions please get back at me thanks



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