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TTC and hoping - May 22

hi ladies i am currently TTC, and my af isnt due until the 2nd of june, which incidently the wait is killing me LOL, but it does every month, as i am sure most of you can relate to :) anyways my question is this. i have been having lotion-like cm, and today i have had some minor cramping in my lower uterus area ( i know that it is too soon to be period cramping...like i said af isnt due until the 2nd). it isnt super painful or anything, it just comes and goes. do any of you know if these 2 things could be a possible sign, or is it still too soon to be experiancing any type of symptoms whatsoever? thanks in advance for your responses...i am really hoping for a BFP this month! thanks again, and good luck to all TTC, and congrats to those who already got their BFP's!


bump - May 23



ttc and hoping - May 23

please does anyone have some kind of insight, or advice as to what they think, i am really curious, and nervous that i am going to go another month with a BFN...just need to hear some thoughts on this thats all. thank you so much.


Ca__sie - May 23

Well, it's hard to say. those are pg signs but I experienced the same thing the last 3 months and nothing but BFN's so maybe it's a bit psychosymatic! Saying that, the heavy white/clear cm is meant to be a good sign as it could be your mucus plug forming but I try not to get excited cos I don't have any BFP's yet despite plenty of the cla__sic pg signs. Good luck Ttc And Hoping! Sorry I can't be more help and sorry you had to wait for a response :)


hi ca__sie! - May 23

thank you so much for getting back to me. you have helped a lot. i just am so confused these days lol. i thought that i knew my body before, but it seems that each month i learn something new lol. it is a long hard road ttc, but for sure very worth it in the end. thanks again for getting back to me, and i have my fingers crossed for you to get that BFP that you are waiting for as well! baby dust!


Karen - May 23

Unfortunatly I would have to say it may be a bit too early. Not to damp your hopes but I sometimes got a slight discharge about a week before my period. I know the wait can be uwful. When I suspected that I was pregnant I bought the double test just incase I had to use one again the next month. Fortunately I still have that extra test at home. Last night I was looking at my posit_tive one and felt like crying just remembering the feeling I got. Good luck to you and yours and please dont give up if you have a BFN. Just think of all the fun you will have trying next time. LOL.


ttc - May 23

thanks karen and congratulations on your positive!


Danielle - May 23

I'm so glad you brought this up!! I experienced the exact same thing a few days after CONCEPTION, It was still a week and a half before my period. I was cramping really bad and when I coughed or sneezed, I felt like my uterus would explode. I ended up missing a period and now I'm right at 11.5 weeks, and got an ultrasound at 9 weeks (so something is definately there!) A lot of the people on this website say that there are no signs until a missed period when you can take a hpt (i even read a post where some called it a "stupid question".) I guess it's just a select few who experience this symptom. Good luck!


stephanie - May 23

Sounds to me like two of the few symptoms I had before I knew! I thought I was going to finally start my period because I was having discharge and some period like cramps, but low and behold I was prego! Boobs hurt worse than normal too! Good Luck!


ttc - May 23

stephanie and danielle...thank you so much for responding, it really makes me feel good to know that i am not the only one who is experiancing this. i am still not trying to get too excited though, because that would make a BFN that much more disappointing, but i am really hoping (as always lol) for a BFP. congratulations to both of you on your BFP's! and send me some of that baby dust!


S - May 24

What is TTC and af



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