Just Off Birth Control

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Amy - May 24

I just got off of my birth control pill after 7 years. I am now trying to get pregnant. Does anyone know if I can get pregnant right away, or is it going to take a few months? Any help would be appreciated.


jborzelleri - May 24

I wish I could help you, I am wondering the same thing myself!!! I just stopped taking the pill last month-I had been on it for 7 years. Some people have told me that it may take a while and some people say they got pregnant right away. I guess it just depends. I have read that the pill can cause temporary periods of infertility right after you go off of it,but that may just be for some people. I was supposed to get my period last week, and still have not gotten it. I took 2 tests and both were negative. So I am very confused!!!


Amy - May 24

I should be getting mine this week. I really have no idea when since it has been controlled for so long. I took a test earlier is week and it was negative. I was really not surprised but I was hoping for a positive.


colleen - May 24

It depend on you. I ovulated right away my first month off of the pill around cd 17. For some women ovulation doesn't come back immediately it takes a few months. Just remember if you didn't ovulate this month then you will probably not have your period which is also normal your first month off of the pill. I feel when I ovulate, I get cramps for a day on just one side with a backache. Good luck!


Beth S. - May 24

i know alot of women who missed their pills and got pregnant right away but i went off mine completely and end up trying for 1 1/2 years after being on it 6 years and now im finally pregnant. my cycle was just messed up for that long. as soon as it got on track i was preggers


Jessica - May 25

I was taking birth control for 8 years and the month after I stopped taking the pill I became pregnant. The dr's say it's best if you wait a few months after the pill is stopped however it won't hurt the baby if you get pregnant immediately don't ask the logic of this cause it makes no sense to me. but yeah it's possible to get pregnant right away


rb - May 25

I went off the pill in January of this year. I got my period on Jan 11, and then conceived on or around Jan 25, which means i got pregnant pretty much right away. I think it all depends on the person, but we didn't think we'd get pregnant so soon... especially since i had heard that it took people forever after the pill... i think it's all about relaxing and not thinking about it... that's kind of what we did, and then whatd'ya know! Good luck!


p - May 25

I too was on the pill for 7 years. It took me 6 weeks to get pregnant once I stopped taking them. Everyone is different though, good luck.


enormous tummy - May 25

I was on the pill for over 12 years and I was only off of it for one month before I became pregnant. Good luck!


Amy - May 25

Thanks for all your help


Erica - June 28

I was only on the pill for 3 and a half years. I finished my pill cycle in April and stopped in May. My husband and I are trying to have a baby. I was every 28 days on the pill and now I'm every 38 days off the pill. I want to get pregnant now. Do you think i can this month? I am in the same boat as you!


Jessica F. - June 28

When we decided to conceive I was a littel wary about the affect all the years of taking birth control would have on my fertility. So what I did was research everything I could on the ways to detect your ovulating window time. I got a work up off of a website based on the first day of my last period and got a list for the whole year. I decided that I'd go ahead and try to conceive the first month listed on my ovulation chart which was February this year. I found out Feb 28th with 2 positive pregnancy tests that I was expecting! So yes it is possible to get pregnant the first month but everyone's bodies are different. It is possible that it could take up to a year to conceive.


Margo - June 28

Erica, I hope so for you, but it really depends on the woman. I never had regular period so have been on the pill since 17 (I am not 29). My last pill was the first week of may and I conceived on May 30th. It is really different for everyone. The key is to know when you are ovulating. I got that book "Taking Charge of your fertility" by Toni Weschler and it worked wonders for me. Good luck!


margaret - June 28

i am not sure how long it may take for you to get pregnant. i am going through the same type of situation right now. i was on the pill for about a year and a half. i just stoped last month. we are also trying, i hope we get pregnant soon!! and good luck to you. i hope you find the answer you are looking foe.


Ca__sie - June 28

I actually thought that we would not get pregnant for at least 3 months after I got off the pill (had been on it for 4 years). However, I stopped the pill on Feb. 24 and got pregnant May 19th... so being on the pill for a long period of time does not mean you won't be fertile right away. My doctor told me that she is seeing this a lot... that the moment people get off the pill, the conceive.


jb - June 29

I was on the pill for 7 years. It took me a month to get preg. So I guess it just depends. I was prepared for it to take longer but it didnt :o)


JENN - June 29

I got off Seasonale on May 23, after starting my af when I wasn't supposed to. It didn't even take me a month to get pregnant. I just found out!! I was expecting it to take a couple of months. I was on Seasonale for a year and monthly bc for a couple of month before starting Seasonale. Baby dust to you!



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