Just Starting To Throw Up At 15 Weeks Pregnant

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Jenn - December 14

I am 15 weeks pregnant, and until today I have not thrown up at all with this pregnancy. I did have nausea for about 8 weeks, but no vomiting. Just today I woke up ate breakfast, and all of a sudden it hit me!! I vomited up my entire breakfast???? The wierd thing is....my nausea stopped about a week ago. I did not even have the nausea this morning......I just felt bad for like 2 min......then threw up?? has anyone else done this?? I was told by 14 to 15 weeks the morning sickness is usually gone


Been There - December 14

It's okay. That time period is not a rule, it's just a normal thing. It doesn't mean you can be different. You'll be fine.


jb - December 14

Ive had more sickness in my third trimester than I ever did in my first and second. I have no throwing up but the naseau just comes and goes all day. Some people get moring sickness later in pregnancy-its not always the first trimester. Or you just could have ate something that didnt agree with you or the baby.


rl - December 14

maybe what you ate did not agree with you... I got sick a couple of times in my 2nd trimester not a big deal did you by chance take your vitamin around the time you ate that could have been it mine made me puke a couple of times


kez - December 15

I agree it could have been what you ate. When I was pregnant with my son I just craved milkshakes, but if I had one I would be sick for sure. Didnt feel sick at all, it just had to come back up then I was fine. Doc said not unusual to become a little lactose intolerant during pregnancy


Amanda R - December 15

Hi Jenn! I lasted one whole week longer than you did :) Here I am at 16 weeks spontaneously throwing up! I have been sick some anyway, but not like this. It had been nausea progressing to getting sick...I actually had time to get to the bathroom (I knew it was coming). Not now. I just get really warm and then BAM! I am tossing my cookies. It's a new development that I definately don't like! Nothing has helped it either. Full stomache or not ( I personally would prefer an empty one -not nearly as gross!) I don't have any words of wisdom at this point, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone!!


~m~ - December 15

I was sick sick sick until I finally found the magic blue pill called Unisom sleep tabs. That has eased my barfing and nausea for the last 3 or 4 weeks. But this week, I have puked twice for some reason. I am now 15 weeks. I guess it can happen at any time. Yuck!!


L - December 15

Jenn, I'm the same as you. I had terrible nausea through my 1st tri with little vomitting, had a week or two or respite and now I vomit about 3-4 times a week and I"m at 23 weeks. I spoke to my dr about this two days ago and he says its normal.


D - December 15

jenn i know what you mean i had bad nausea no puking for weeks 8-12 and now i get a sick feeling for like a couple minute sometime i puke sometimes not its strange my mom said she had the same thing with me she didn't start throwing up until after 11-12 weeks



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