Just Take A Pregnancy Test

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I did! - September 18

The only way you will know is to take a test! Not trying to be rude but gosh do you want to find out or not?


amen - September 18



weird - September 18

first of all WHAT?!!! your question/statement doesnt make too much sense...if you are complaining about women taking tests to find out for sure, then whatever, but you also have to keep in mind...(again...this is brought up so many times), that a lot of women just want to know what is going on with them during the 2ww period, and just want other women to talk to, so take it easy. good luck to everyone, and take care, and try to be more understanding with people.


to weird - September 18

actually I totally agree with the first post. It is very clear. We are not psychic on this board so really, the only way for sure is to take a test. Guidance can only go so far, but eventually these women will have to take a test. Why wouldn't they want to know for sure? I agree with "I did"- it makes no sense to post after a missed period asking us "psychics" if she is pregnant.


KM - September 18

She's talking about the people who come on here and say things like "I had s_x on this day...," "My period was x days late/early," "My period was brown this time," "Could I be pregnant??" THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL KNOW IS TO TAKE A TEST.


Lisa - September 18

I agree, take a test. It's easy, it's simple and you can find out fast. You can go to your doctors after that and find out the day you actually conceived..


katie - September 18

i'm not sure if this was meant for me or not, but I posted WHAT IS THE H*** WRONG WITH ME. basically i was not asking anyone if I am preg or not. maybe it was word wrong. That was what i was thinking am i or am i not. not asking any of you. I just wanted to know if anyone else experince something like that and turned out to be preg. common sense is to take a hpt. I was just looking to see if that happen to anyone. I did get some good answer like since i just turned 30 maybe it is changing. i won't know till i test , but that answer made me feel a bit better. I am sorry if my post was stupid to most of you i will no longer post any question on here or come back to this site.


Lisa - To Katie - September 18

Katie, your question was not stupid at all... I don't think this thread was meant for you at all.


amen - September 18

to katie, this post was not meant for you. It is meant for posts that sound like this: "I missed my period last month and my b___sts are sore. Am I pregnant?" That is who I think this post is speaking to.


to Katie - September 18

Please, no need to leave this site, stick around long enough, and you'll find that everyday someone is subjected to critisim and judgement. I'm sure that this thread was not posting directed to you. I could go months back and find a post that probably reads the exact same. Katie, you seem like you need answers, stick around, you'll find that there are nice compa__sionate people willing to help.



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