Just Turned 20 And I Want A Baby

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gcchic - October 5

My husband and I got married in June. I would say since the middle of August we've been trying to get pregnant. There were 2 times I really thought I was pregnant (ALL the symptoms....) And LATE periods, I thought for sure I wouldn't get it, but it would just end up being LATE. Does anyone know of ways to help get pregnant. I mean we want one so bad and have been trying a lot. Is there something we're doing wrong???


amanda - October 5

you have only been trying for 1 1/2 months. that is not along time, it can take up to a year to get pregnant and after that your doctors will start looking for a reason that its not happening. i am sure that you will get a bfp very soon. just try to stay relaxed, it wont help any if you are uptight and really anxious. goodluck!


*Susan* - October 5

My husband and I got married in March (im 22)and have been trying to conceive since june and last week I got a positive result!


relax - October 11

I am 33 and it took me 5 months to get pregnant, they say it can take a healthy couple a year, i agree with amanda, dont panic cuz u have not been trying long at all. To this day i know how i got pregnant, the position was him sitting on the computer chair and me on top of him, you aren't going to get any slipping out that way, worked for us........


karine - October 11

you want it too much. The same thing happened when we tried for our daughter. Just go on with your day to day things, and stop obsessing over it. LOL LOL i did LOL...and when i thought....maybe we shouldt try anymore, and i should maybe go further in my education....we found out i was preggo. the month after. LOL. make-love every 2 days and youll end up, falling on the right date


Ashley - October 11

You might just need to relax. Me and dh are both 23 and got married June, 04. By this Jan we were trying - it gets stressful! Three months of charting ovulation, timing stuff, and I said forget this. So, I didn't chart anything and just had fun. We did have to buy hpt every month b/c I am very irregular and the suspense kills. But so does a negative. :( Then, I was late. I tested, nothing. Waited a week. Nothing. Two weeks later I took the final test and I'm pregnant! Me and dh talked about how it seems like it would be so easy to end up pregnant when you're single and then when you're married and trying, it takes forever! Enjoy being young and married and having s_x without a stomach. Lol, I'm 20 weeks and it's getting harder to manuver! :)


Janice - October 11

I agree with Ashley, just relax and have fun with it. when you guys are making love dont think about getting pregnant just think about how much you love eachother and beleive me it will happen. And by the way it doesn't hurt to try different positions. I think if you have s_x about or around 14 days after your period is the best time.


Liz - October 11

I heard when both partners orgasm at the same time, it increases chances of getting pregnant because when the uterus contracts during orgasms, it helps let sperm in. I'm pretty sure thats how I got pregnant. It took us 3.5 months.


kris - October 11

I'm 25 and been trying since Feb. -still no luck. But I'm not worried, because I know it will happen soon enough. Plus-I was off on my cycle days and when I finally went back and counted I realized that I was ovulating earlier than I thought I was and this was preventing me from getting pregnant. I still have a 2 week wait now, but maybe this month...



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