Just Want To Know Why

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kim - May 19

Why are people that aren't even pregnant on this web site?!?!?!?


to kim - May 19

you have GOT to be kidding me...what is wrong with you?!


Geri - May 19

Hey! Do ya have to me Mexican to eat at Taco Bell? No! this site is for anyone pregnant or trying or just curious and have questions, my question to you is, why do you make posts that aren't even about pregnancy questions? Now if you'll excuse me, I just made myself hungry for a Chalupa! :-)~


WHAT?! - May 20

i have to agree with both of the girls on here! what is your problem?!


to kim - May 20

i just want to know why when women become pregnant is it an automatic excuse to be such a b___h!


Pot calling Kettle black! - May 20

You should know!


to POT - May 20

what the hell is that suppose to mean?! all i was saying is that as we become pregnant, it seems that women think that it is ok to be rude or b___hy just because we are pregnant...however it isnt! we still should be respectful of others, and i think that kims question was WAY out of line...this is a forum to ask questions about pregnancy whether the women here ARE or ARE NOT pregnant...there is no lable on this site saying that ONLY IF YOU ARE ALREADY PREGNANT CAN YOU BE HERE! so now do you see what i am saying...i myself and pg, and i dont use that as an excuse to be ignorant to others...that is all i was saying.


To to Pot - May 20

Shhh. Calm down. Take some deep breaths. There there, it's ok. Don't let it get to you. It's not THAT important.


whatever - May 20

you rude a__s women on here can kiss my a__s! i have had enough of your b___hy and ignorant responses! why are you telling someone to calm down when she is stating that kims comment was pretty uncalled for! kim is the one that should be addressed, not the other women! kim...shame on you! you know why the women are here! if you dont like this...then go to a forum that is ONLY about pregnancy! geez!


whatever - May 20

i meant to say only about pregnant women...oops lol


ME! - May 20

It wasn't a b___hy comment! I meant calm down in a friendly way. God! I just think that b___hy comments or not, a forum isn't important enough to get stressed out over. Am I wrong?


cally - May 20

I'm not pregnant Kim, because I miscarried twice. It' s nice to talk to other people who are going through what you are, ALSO I'm just plain addicted to this site!


HOW MEAN!!! - May 20

Whatever happened to Freedom of speach? Where does it say PREGNANT WOMEN ONLY??? I thought it's called pregnancy info.net i think this is a great site for EVERYONE!!!


Lynn - May 20

I think that the t_tles of some of the threads on this site answer your question: Pregnancy Loss, Pregnancy Tests, etc. Obviously you don;t have to be pregnant to be on this site. Also, so what if you aren't pregnant now, maybe you have 2 or 10 kids already. Being my first pregnancy I'll sure as hell take any input you might have on my questions.


Lindsey - May 20

Well, I have to agree with everyone except for pot. This is a website that I looked at while I was trying to conceive. My question to is "Why does it matter?"



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