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Am_I_Ready - May 23

Okay I'm supposed to start my period tmrw. Today I wiped and I see a little red..not too much. I stopped taking my bc April 30 and had unprotected on May 3 and 14...is it possibility of pregnancy or just my body being whacked out because of the pill stoppage?


Am_I_Ready - May 23

Also my nips have been alittle sore and I've had wierd pain and pressure in my stomach and some slight neadaches....could that still be from stopping the pill?


autumn85 - May 23

ok well i am in exactly the same boat as you! i stopped mid-cycle with my bc and that was in the middle of april. my last period started on april 6th...and i havent ahd one since. i am wondering the same thing. because i have taken tests and they have been neg...i am still waiting to figure it all out. i was due for af 17 days ago so i dont know whats gonna happen...let me know what happens with you!


Am_I_Ready - May 23

Yeah I've taken two test too and they were also neg. I'm gonna see if my period comes or not and I'll be sure to let you know..Thanks for responding


autumn85 - May 23

i think if i dont get mine by this weekend then i am going to see a dr. i just want to make sure everything is alright! good luck and i hope you get the result you want!


Am_I_Ready - May 23

Can anyone else give me some feedback please???????? That's why I'm on here to ask you woman the things that I am scared to ask my mother


babybird - May 23

I think it may be too early for you to get an accurate answer to your question. So many pregnancy symtoms are the same as pms symtoms. You could be spotting because you will start your period soon or it could be implantation bleeding. I have had weird pain early in my pregnancies, but also because of pms. About your b___st soreness... do they usually get sore before your period? That was a big indicator for me with my first pregnancy. Mine had never been sore before, but when I got pregnant oh man did they hurt! I think only time will tell with this one. Maybe you should wait a couple of days and if you haven't started take another test. Sorry this wasn't too helpful, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck and keep us posted!


Am_I_Ready - May 23

Thank you babybird! My b___st are never sore before my period and if I press them a little bit they hurt. I don't know its wierd because I kinda do want a baby and I think my mind has took control and I'm probably not even pregnant. I don't think I can get pregnant honestly. I've been in some situations where I know I should have been and wasn't...maybe its just not my time


falafal0 - May 24

I got pregnant while on BC then again three times while immediately coming off it, so it is very very possible you are. THen again, it's possible that you're body is getting back into routine and it may take while to both get regular periods anfall pregnant. Just wait until two weeks or so after period is due, test, if negative, wait another week to test again if period hasn't shown up. Take it from there - a blood test is more accurate if you want to rule out pregnancy all together and make sure i'ts just a mixed up period...good luck.


Am_I_Ready - May 25

Well I started my period so I guess I'm not pregnant after all....


Am_I_Ready - June 2

Autumn85...do you have any updates?


niquas - June 3

If you have unprotected s_x the day after your period how long will it take to detect anything? What are the chances of getting pregnant if you gave birth 4 months ago?


sophandbob - June 3

It is quite possible to get pregnant 4 months after giving birth!


olivia - June 3

yet unlikely to get pregnant the day after your period.... It still takes 4 weeks to find out. You can test a couple days before you expect your period using an ept test. But if you are not having more unprotected s_x between now and then, I'd save your money and wait until your period is late.


niquas - June 25

Hello, I had unprotected s_x last month the day after my cycle went off.This month my cycle came on five days earlier than normal could this be a sign of pregnancy.



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