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xxxLEANNExxx - November 23

Hya this might seem like a really silly question, but are you most fertile 14 days before you are due for your period? And is there more of a chance of pregnancy in that time? Thanks ever so much 2 whoever answers xxxxx


wondering... - November 23

You are most fertile when you are ovulating, and this differs between every woman. It depends on how long your cycle is (From start of one period to the next) and how long your Lutel Phase is (how long between ovulation and your period). You can also tell when you are ovulating by checking your Cervical Mucous... (goolge it and you will get a lot of helpful advice.You are most fertile when it is stretchy and looks like egg whites.) or charting your temperature. When you ovulate there is only about 12-20 hours in which sperm can fertilize the egg, which would make you pregnant. I hope this helps.


*X* - November 23

Well, if you've got the stock-standard 28-day cycle, then it would be both! Actually, go look up some information on the luteal phase, which is the time from ovulation until your next menstrual period. This time should stay constant but isn't necessarily 14 days. It differs for everyone, and it needs to be at least 10 days in order to get pregnant. That said, since the first couple weeks or so of your cycle can vary a bit, predicting ovulation can still be a bit tricky.


xxxLEANNExxx - November 23

Ok thank you, still a bit confused lol so...I had s_x on the 17,18, 20 and the 21st,unprotected. I am meant to be coming on my period the 22nd, was i most fertile at the time of having s_x,and i am a day late.Thanks xxxxxx


*X* - November 23

No, you probably ovulated at least a week or so before the 17th (a__suming that your cycle is regular), and the egg only last for about 24 hours after ovulation. So, whether or not you are pregnant would depend on whether or not you had s_x the week previous.


Maybe - November 23

I had s_x a day before my period many years ago and i know that it was that time as it was unprotected and i got pregnant. For me it was my most fertile time and it can happen anytime not just when you are ovulating. Ask a doctor for a test because these ladies are not doctors or s_x ed teachers.


*X* to Maybe - November 23

If you want to claim that you ovulated immediately before your period and still got pregnant, that's one thing. There are always exceptions to the rules, and the unexpected can always happen. I'm certainly willing to agree that some of the things I've said above are not the definitive answer. But to say that you can get pregnant at any other time than around ovulation is just blatant ignorance, because you're saying that you don't need an egg to get pregnant.



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