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KamdynRN - May 20

I am a Registered Nurse and I work for a very successful OBGYN. If anyone has a (medical) question I would be more then happy to talk to you. Please keep in mind this does not replace medical advice from your Dr. I don't know everything there is to know about you, but if I can help or ease your mind I would be happy to try!


to kamdyn - May 20

hi! thanks for giving us the oppurtunity to be able to ask some questions, i dont know if you will be able to help me or not, but i was wondering why i am having such a hard time ttc, when i know that i can get pregnant, i just am having a hard time holding on to the pregnancy ( i have had 2 miscarriages ) it is all so aggravating, and it is turning into more of a chore than a fun time with me and my husband. he hates how we have to have scheduled s_x, as do i, and we hate how every month is seems that i am displaying symptoms, and it is still one negative result after another. now i am angry because this was technically our last month ttc ( he is in the military, and deployed right now ) and i think that i have miscaculated my ovulation time...i think that i was like a few days off, and we did have s_x the day before i ovulated, but i am not sure if there is still a chance or not, do you think there is? i hope that you can offer me some advice, i am just so frusterated to the point of quitting the whole ttc thing. thanks for your time, and i hope that i havent confused you too much lol.


KamdynRn - May 20

Hi! Before I answer I have a couple of quick questions. First, do you have any children or are you trying for your first? And are you currently on any form of fertility treatment? How many days prior to ovulation did you have s_x?


Missy - May 20

Hi. I am about 21 weeks along with a little girl, who is my first child. When can I expect my hubby to be able to feel the baby's kicks on my tummy by placing his hand there? And when will he be able to hear the heartbeat by placing his head on my stomach?


Jenn... - May 20

Hi Kamdyn! I am 38 weeks 3 days with my first baby. At my last appointment doc expressed concern because I am measuring 42cm. He said either baby is too big for my pelvis or my pelvis is too small for a normal sized baby. He ordered an ultrasound and baby is just above average size (7lbds 5ounces). My question is this - isn't it a little early for him to be talking C-section because my baby has not dropped? From what I understand it is not all too uncommon for a baby to drop when you go into labor. Is it really so uncommon to measure so large? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!


LaLa - May 20

Hi! thank u for this opportunity. I am just curious if you know of such a thing where the v____al mucus can kill certain s_x type sperm? I have 2 beautiful boys and have had 2 mc. I sometimes wonder if the 2 mc might have been girls and for some reason I cannot have a girl???


Kathy - May 20

Hi KamdynRN, Can you please give me some info on pregnancy bleeding. I mean period type bleeding. Is it possible? Do pregnancy test work for these women. Have you ever seen any cases when a women didn't know they were pregnant. I love to have info for a college essay. Thanks!!!


to kamdyn #2 - May 20

hi thanks for responding back, i dont have any children i miscarried 2 times prior to this, and this would be my 3rd pregnancy, just my first child. i am not on any form of fertility treatment, and i had s_x the day of or before i ovulated, i hope this helps thank you so much.


to KamdynRN - May 20

Hi, Have you ever heard of a woman who is pregnant but get negative pregnancy test. Can you be pregnant and it not show. Can a doctor tell if you are pregnant by doing a exam( internal). The reason i ask is because I think I'm pregnant. I have all negative tests. I am not trying to get pregnant. I know its not in my head. I have sore b___sts/nipples, lower backpain, nausea, can't fit my pants. Thanks for giving me the chance to ask these questions. Angel


Kaz - May 21

Hello Kamdyn, I just wondered if in your experience you may have formed any opinion regarding breech presentation. I'm 38wks and bub has it's legs straight with the feet infront of the face. I'm told that I'm just one of the 4% with a breech. I'm 5'3" my fiance is 5'11", I've been blaming him because he's all arms and legs. I am mucking around but could there be any truth to this? Also have you seen many, if any, instances where the baby has turned himself from this position at this last stage? Thankyou Kindly


TO KAMDYNRN #2 - May 22

Sorry it's taking so long to get back! Okay, first of all, if you and your husband tried to conceive the night before you ovulated, you still have a very good chance to conceive!! Healthy sperm can live for days, so keep your fingers crossed! I'm very sorry to hear about your miscarriages, but the good news is that you were able to conceive twice. That means that you are probably going to be fine and not require any form of fertility treatment. Although they (miscarriages) can be painful both physically and emotionally just keep in mind that considering the frequency of miscarriage, about 1 in 36 women will have 2 miscarriages due to nothing more than chance. If you are having problems figuring out exactly when you ovulate you can always try an OPT, or Ovulations Predictor Test. Another technique you may choose to try is measuring your basal body temperature daily. To read more info on this you can visit www.FertilityFriend.com. I hope some of this helps you! Good luck!


TO MISSY - May 22

Missy, I can’t really tell you an exact week that your hubby will get to feel your little soccer player, because everyone is different. It depends a lot on your weight. The thinner you are, the sooner he will be able to feel it. I’m sure you are anxious for him to be able to feel the baby and hear her little heartbeat so that he can bond with her like you are, but don’t worry, it shouldn’t be long and he will get to feel the little movements and hiccups! As far as listening to the heart rate goes, I wont promise that he will be able to hear it externally. There are a lot of noises for that little ticker to contend with! So if he is really anxious to hear it, you can purchase an over the counter doppler for as little as $20.


TO JENN - May 22

Jenn, First of all, no, it is not uncommon to measure a little large. (Especially so close to delivery.) Have your Doctors considered the possibility that they may be off on your due date? As for your question, it is better for the baby to drop before you go into labor but it doesn’t necessarily indicate that you will need a c-section. My first didn’t drop until I went into labor. It just means that you might have a little more work ahead of you. My advise for you is just to relax. Realize that it’s your Doctors job to give you the facts and the worse case scenario so that you are mentally prepared if it comes down to actually needing the cesarean. If you want to encourage the baby to move down you can try walking but keep in mind that sometimes the little boogers just like it where they are and they don’t want to move. J Best of luck to you and your little one.


to kamdyn #3 - May 22

thank you so much for all of your postive answers...it makes me feel so much better knowing that i might possibly still have a chance! if this month i havent gotten a BFP, then i will try and do the OPK, and charting temps, this month was my first month using fertility friend on-line which is where i got my calculated ovulation dates, and having s_x every other day from the last day of af...so i hope that those two combinations worked, but if not when my dh gets home, we will definatly try the OPK's. either way i will come back and let you know what my HPT result was...as always i will be keeping my fingers crossed! thank you again for your responses!


TO LALA - May 22

LaLa, Cervical fluid isn’t aggressively gender specific. The baby’s s_x is determined by the father’s sperm. So there is a chance that your husband produces more Y sperm then X sperm. Also some say timing of intercourse can make a difference because Y (or boy) sperm are faster swimmers but burn out more easily, while X (or girl) sperm are slower stronger swimmers. So if you have s_x the day you ovulate you are more likely to have a boy, and if you have s_x on the days leading up to ovulation you are more likely to have a girl. (Is this making sense?) As far as your miscarriages go, I would not say they were caused by the baby’s gender. Miscarriage is just a terrible and unfortunately very common thing that happens to nearly all women at some point during their childbearing years. If your just dying to put a pink bow in your next child’s hair there are ‘techniques’ like the one I just mentioned that can boost the odds, but unfortunately they are not a guarantee. I wish you the best of luck and hope this helps!


TO KAMDYN #3 - May 22

No prob sweetie, I'll be looking for your response and best of luck! =P


Ana - May 22

Hi KamddynRN, I would like to know more about periods during pregnancy to. Thanks



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