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kayleigh - August 15

Hey, i have a few questions i need to ask after i tell you this story okay. About 2 weeks ago my boyfriend and i had s_x, with a condom but it somehow fell off broke or something whatever happened it failed. We dont know when it fell off either before or after he came. But after he came inside me when still kept going for about 15 or 20 seconds because i had not been done yet he got done before me so he kept going and let me finished, he then pulled out and the condom wasnt on anymore, it was stuck inside me, after we got it out we realized there was hardly any c_m inside it, we dont think anyway. It was the day after my period had gone away and i know that i did not have much eggs in me because i just had it. Is there still a chance i could be pregnant? and if so, how high? Its about 2 weeks later and we just did it again yesturday but without a condom. We didnt want him to do anything so just as it was feeling good he stopped so he wouldnt c_m. We did that 3 times in one day. He doesnt know if he pre c_mmed or anything but the third time we think he might have. Because as soon as he pulled out the third time he came, like not even a second after he pulled out he started c_mming. Everyones says your ovulated 12-14 days after your period.And it was about 13 days after my period. Does this higher the chance of me getting pregnant if i wasnt already? if yeah then how much? thank you for your time!


joella - August 15

what do you mean if you werent ready? you dont have to orgasm at all. if he c_ms anywhere near your v____a you could get pregnant


kellie - August 15

smooth move you could have not been pregnate the first time the condom fell off but if you where i bet you are now pre c_m happens everytime it is inevetiable....believe me the pull out method does not work if you arent old enough to know that then you arent old enough to be having s_x my dear. I am telling you s_x education in the schools systems sucks these days



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