Keagals Who S Doing Them And Who S Not

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Kimmy - July 13

Just curious ladies, how many of you are doing your 3 sets of 10 keagal excercises everyday, and who is forgetful ? Anyone not doing them at all ?


NG - July 14

Hi Kimmy, I try to do them each day, usaly when I have my morning shower. I am forgetful too. I only do 10 at a time.


Lissi - July 14

I keep forgeting to do them. I really should start, because I only have 7 and a half weeks left!


Hi - July 14

My friend gave bith to her first last year and never did keagals. She has been experiencing loss of bladder control ever since and is regretting it. Her Dr has said if she keeps doing them she should gain full control back (she said it has started getting better) and swears they should be part of your daily routine like cleaning your teeth if your preg or not.


Lynn - July 14

I do them every day while sitting at work. I probably do about 50 per day. My childbirth cla__s instructor said not to do more than 50 for some reason. I guess you can get "too toned" up down there.


lynnstress - July 14

Hell, yeah, I do them every night while watching television before bed! And thanks, Lynn, I did not know that we could ever do too many.


KrisD - July 14

Uh oh. Am I the only one not doing them? I better hop on the bandwagon, I guess. I mean, I know they are good to do in general, but who told you all that we should really be doing them now and how come I missed that lesson???


lynnstress - July 14

To KrisD - I bought my copy of "What to Expect" right after my first dr appointment. And at that appointment, they gave me a huge book printed and distributed by Allina Hospitals & Clinics, and both say about doing kegels. I also have a workout dvd - Yoga Mama by Crunch - that I really like. There's a section on it where you do squats and kegels, too, and the instructor says to be sure to do your kegels evey day, whether you're doing that workout or not. And, my friend whose youngest is 3, said to be sure and do 'em every day!


KrisD - July 14

Yikes! Well, guess it's never too late to start! Thanks!


tara - July 14

I have been meaning to do them but keep forgetting. I have read and heard over and over again how important it is to do them while pregnant and after. But just can't seem to remmber.


An idea - July 15

if you have problems remembering -stick a small note on your bathroom mirror so when you go to the bathroom the reminder is there and you can take a few minutes and do them straight away before you forget


lynnstress - July 15

To An Idea - NO! Do not do kegels while going to the bathroom when you are pregnant!!! Stopping your urine flow while going to the bathroom is a good way to determine which muscles to use to do kegels, but a VERY BAD IDEA if you are pregnant! You run the risks of getting air into your v____a and urinary tract infection. Do them on your commute to or from work, or like me, when watching tv at night!


Kimmy - July 15

Well its good to gear that most of you arnt as forgetful as me, I seem to be doing at least 30 a day, but I always remember at night when I am watching tv as well :) I am going to make a BIG effort to try and remember to do my 30 in the morning as well. I was just sitting doing them the other night and wondered how significant are theses excercises ... really ? and i wonder how many people are actually doing them ? Well good-luck all and keep squeezin ;)


sophie - July 15

Hello, Are you supposed to hold for a certain amount of time or just flex, release? Thanks


Lissi - July 15

Who's doing their keagals whilst reading this, because they suddenly feel guilty that they haven't bothered till now? :) I know I am!


Kimmy - July 16

I'm busted !! I was doing them while reading the replies earlier, and oh ... i'm doin them again now :)


to lynstress - July 16

from an idea- Sorry i should of been more clear. I didnt mean do them while actually sitting there on the toilet i meant like after you have finished you could stay in the room and do them. I re-read my post and realised i wasnt clear so i apoligise. Its just that I usually do them while im in the bathroom taking a shower or when im washing my hands after actually going to the toilet. Sorry for the confusion.



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