Keep Belly Piercing In Or Not

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mary - May 12

i had my bell pierced about a month and 2 weeks ago, and i dont really know if i'm pregnunt or not, but if i am, i sure dont want to take out the piercing. and i already had my first child. I read all your answers that you wrote to lana, and to just get it right you can were a flexible piercing during pregnauntcy, right but mostly up to the doctor? have one more question, do you have to wait 6 months to a year before you can chang the peircing? or could i do it now???


April - May 12

I waited about 6 months after I got my peircing done before I changed the ring. I think it's a year before it's fully healed though, so you have to clean it all the time until then. If you're pregnant, don't worry about changing it for a while. I bought a flexible one, but didn't put it in until i was about 4 months... It really depends on how fast you show, how big you get, and how your belly stretches. I kind of wish I would've just taken it out at 4 months instead of getting a flexible one, because now I have a stretchmark where it was peirced, and my doctor says that when the ring rubs on the belly it can leave a permanant brown mark on your stomach. So I wasn't thrilled with the idea. I took my ring completely out at about 27 weeks. I'm not worried about mine closing up though because I've had it done for 2 years now, and I run my bar through it every few days to keep it open. So basically it's up to you whether you keep it in or not. Being that you just got it done, it might close up, so I'd wait as long as you can to take it out, or definately get a flexible one (but don't put it in until you get big... give the piercing a chance to heal more). Oh.. and I got my flexible one for $2 on


natalie - May 13

I am 36 weeks pregnant. Before I got preganant I was always paranoid about being pregnant so I took lots of pregnancy test before I got pregnant. First I would like to say that. I have had the whole light line 30 min after I took the test. This is DIFFINENTLY a negative result. it is just were the urine has dried. sorry to disapoint anyone. been there and got exited to! If you were pregnant you would see 2 lines immetiatly after you see your urine cross the windows. a positive result can show a light line, but it WOULD show up right away. When I found out that I pregnant my positve result showed with in seconds. I have know idea what could causes a positive result when you are not preganant. I have never had one to be positive when I was not pregnant. I would call the doctor.


smokeswife - May 15

my friend left her piercing in and got a big "X" looking scar where the piercing was, i guess it's kind of like getting a stretch mark... so i say u shouldnt leave it in .. just get it pierced again after the baby's born



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