Keeping Cats Out Of The Crib Need Ideas

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LeeAnn - August 23

Hi guys, its me again! I have to wonderful cats whom I love very much, but would kill if they got in the crib....well maybe not "kill" but anyways.... Just wondering if anyone has this problem/solution for this... I have very active cats so we are trying to figure out a way to keep them OUT of the crib....we have climbers so its a tough one! What do you do? or done? I would love to see a picture if someone could share one... We have thought of a net, but not sure how it would work to well.... Help?!


chelsey - August 23

I chase mine with the vacc_mn cleaner when I caught him in the crib before baby was born. Hasn't been in it since! It was cruel, but my child is more important than his fur....


Tigerphoenix - August 23

I'm still trying to figure out a solution to that myself. I have three cats, two of which if I tell them to get out or say no they listen. But then there is B___h Cat (can I say that?). She is the queen of the house and listens to no one. She isn't afraid of the vac_me, water, broom, or anything else that I know of. You try to chase her off she just looks at you like "You dare to try to move her royal highness". Maybe an electric fence might work.............(j/k)


chelsey - August 23

get one of those collars that zap them when they try to exit their boundaries? just kidding PETA!


chelsey - August 23

I'm a cat lover, but since I had my baby, starting to think he should find a different house to live! the dog too!


Mary - August 23

What about installing a veil type thing hanging from the ceiling and enclosing the crib - You know what I mean, like a mosquito net or a princess bed cover thingie, will that work or am I totally off? I never had cats so I may be totally nuts here. :)


leeann - August 23

wow, well since I posted this, I am finding "crib tents".... a few on Ebay but I wonder where they can be bought at! I love my cats, they wont go anywhere unless I have no other choice!


to mary - August 23

that wouldn't work because then the cats would want to climb up it and maybe it might fall on baby and smother it......I really don't like cats but if you have them, there going to get into EVERYTHING!!! Hope they don't steal your babies that a myth or what?


Tigerphoenix - August 23

I think the thing with the baby's breath is that some cats will smell the milk on and around the baby's mouth and lick them. In some cases smothering them on accident. I think that is what that is. I may be wrong.


S - August 23

Yeah, i think your right. I just went to a website about it and it said that and that there have been cases where the cat would lay on babies face (warm i guess) and smother baby....maybe that's where that came from.


Best solution - August 23

and it's fool prrof. Put them in plastic bags, then tie them up tightly. If that's unappealing water guns are a great alternative, I shoot them everyime I see them near the crib. It's even more effective if you use a a sugar and water solution they hate the stickiness afterwards.


to Best Solution - August 23

are you saying put the cats in plastic bags? lol


Kel - August 23

Im not much of a cat lover and my mother in law has two cats. There fur is always everywhere and she lets them crawl all over the kitchen counters which I find disgusting! They eat gofers outside so why would you let them all over the counter?! It makes me sick. She wants to watch the baby 2 days out of the week when I go back to work, but I don't feel comfortable leaving him there especially with her annoying cats. Is this wrong of me or does anyone relate???


Lena - August 23

I have a very wealthy friend and when her two cats wouldn't leave the crib, she just bought them their own crib. I know its not a solution for 99.9% of the people but I thought it was rather funny solution.


best solution - August 23

yes, sorry I didnt make that clear. I think kitties are pretty nasty too. They are worse than dogs because they can jump on things you don't want them to be on. My husband LOVES his pussies though so we are stuck them. I guess I can't really fault him for that though;o)


Jen - August 23

I have been keeping our bedroom/the baby's future room's door closed. It won't freak them out so much after the baby comes. They are starting to realize the room is off limits and will have to find another place to sleep.


karine - August 23

I closed the nusery bedroom door. that way i never had any cat hair in the crib.



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