Kidney Bladder Infection Possible Stones Advice Please

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Jessica - December 5

Today while I was at work my back began to hurt very badly for about 2 hours. After this severe back pain which I contributed to gas I went to the bathroom to wipe blood.Every time I went to pee little clots would come out and my pee was not yellow but red. I was terrified and called my obgyn who scheduled me for an appointment 2 hours later. I was there for about 2 hours getting all kinds of exams. I got an ultrasound, a va___al ultrasound, an internal exam and checked my vitals. My doctor says it is definately an infection either kidney or bladder with possible kidney stones. She took me out of work for this week and put me on antibiotics but said if they failed she would have to put me in the hospital because I could go in to pre-term labor. I am now sitting at home with killer back pain and worried sick. Has anyone else had any similar experiences with this type of thing? I am 24 weeks pregnant by the way.


erin - December 5

Yes! Although I am not completely sure what all happened to me. With my first at 35 weeks I had terrible terrible back pain. I thought I was in labour so I kept going to the hospital but they always said no and sent me home. They said the second time I went that I had a bladder infection and put me on antibiotics. Well, that helped nothing and the third night I was still in so much pain that they said I should come to the hospital. They would put me on IV antibiotics which were stronger. Well, by the time I got there I was 8 cm dilated and had my son that night. He was perfectly healthy, so that was really good, but I never did find out exactly the cause of labour, if it was really a bladder infection or something worse. Then after I had my second son, I was diagnosed with a kidney stone which was removed. I was not pregnant at the time but I asked the doctor how long it had been there and he said probably for years. So did that contribute to the whole pre-term labour with my first son? Who knows. So that's my story...and my advice to you is that if the back pain does not go away, make SURE your doctor knows, or just call the hospital. I think they told me at the time that antibiotics take about 48 hours to kick in. (I think?) But pre-term labour is a way bigger deal at 24 weeks so keep in close contact with your doc and everything should be fine. By the way, I am also 24 weeks with my third! Good luck, hope everything goes well!



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